Following in the footsteps of 'Jdid', their second release on the Crammed Discs label, with Acid Arab Records, Acid Arab now launches its own sublabel. First up is Palestinian duo Zenobia with 'Halak Halak'. Zenobia are Nasser Halahlih and Isam Elias, the first a pioneer of Palestinian electronic music production, and the second a nimble-fingered keyboard player with a background in European classical music. Together they produce a mix of Levantine dabke, Arab synth-pop and Western electro. The name Zenobia refers to Septimia Zenobia, queen of Palmyra (which included large parts of present-day Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt) from 267 to 272, hinting to the duo's refer Levantine roots. Album title 'Halak Halak' is slang for "welcome, welcome". 'Halak Halak' is the duo's first long-player, after 'Zenobia', a 3 track EP from 2019. One of the tracks on that EP was 'KSR KSR', which reappears in the track list of 'Halak Halak'. Excellent addition to the current Arabic keyboard hype!