Ziggi is no more, long live Ziggi Recado! And to make sure we all remember that, Recado has chosen to name his new album that way as well. On his previous album, 'In Transit', Ziggi was still searching which path to follow, but with 'Ziggi Recado' he seems to have made his mind up about the musical direction he wants to head in. 'Ziggi Recado' sounds like an album from a seasoned artist and has a well thought true structure: a sure fire hit over a well-known riddim ('Pretender' over John Holt's 'Police In Helicopter'), some lovers tunes for the ladies ('Mary', 'All My Life'), a bit of hip-hop ('Time For Greatness', 'Prostitute/Crackhead') and a few solid roots tracks ('Jah Alone' featuring Tippa Irie and Omar Perry, 'New Day') make for a strong and balanced album. Ziggi has come of age and, even though that may not have been his main motivation for his name change, a mature artist deserves a last name!