If there is one band that perfectly illustrates the ductility of the colors red, yellow and green, it's Zion Train. The train pulled by producer and techie Neil Perch and singer Molara has been steaming along for almost twenty years now and apart from the band also houses a sound system, record label (Universal Egg) and a web-universe (www.wobblyweb.com). Zion Train describe their sound as: "Dub fused with minimal-techno and global influences" and the only thing yours truly wants to add to that is: "and beyond!". For those who still have to discover the band or didn't keep up with the numerous releases Zion Train turned out over the years, the two disc 'Dub Revolutionaries: The Very Best Of' offers the perfect solution. From pop-dub-house megahit 'Dance Of Life' over the deep steppers dub of a track like 'Fox' to the acid techno of 'Babylon's Burning', these two discs give a nice overview of twenty years of partying.