Yours truly is not an expert in the universe of Zion Train, but that didn't stop me from enjoying 'State Of Mind', the first full-fledged Zion Train album since 2007's 'Live As One'. The fact 'State Of Mind' was up yours truly's alley, is probably due to the rootsy character of the album; this is Zion Train like we appreciate them most. In the list of participating musicians we found Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace and even violinist Katrien 'Pura Vida' Peeters (who definitely left her mark on the album). For title track 'State Of Mind' Zion Train used an excerpt from the lyrics of Winston Francis' 'Let's Go To Zion', in 'Tribute To Shura' we discovered a melody line from The Rolling Stones' 'Paint It Black' and 'Rainbow Children' is a cover of the Aswad tune by the same name for which Zion Train even got Brinsley Forde on board to do the vocals. Most of the tracks on 'State Of Mind' come with an interesting philosophical and historical explanation, but for that we refer you to Zion Train's homepage