Richie Spice - Together We Stand (VP Records)

Earlier this year we didn't hide our excitement when the Tad's Record label surprised us with the release of the 'World War' EP, a collection of 4 singles Richie Spice recorded in recent years. Disregarding 2012's acoustic 'Soothing Sounds', we already have to go back all the way to 2011 to find Spice's last long player release, but with 'Together We Stand', on the trusted VP Records label, he now finally returns with a new album.

Richie Spice - World War EP (Tad's Record)

What ever happened to Richie Spice? There was a period when the man dropped one successful hit album after another, but 'Soothing Sounds', his last long-player to date, an acoustic compilation of some of his best-known hits, already dates back to 2012. Apart from a few sporadic singles, things have remained quiet ever since. But fortunately, Tad's Record now breaks that silence with the release of this four track 'World War' EP.

Richie Spice - Gideon Boot (VP Records)

'Gideon Boot' is actually Richie Spice's declaration of independence: 5th Element is no more and his sparkling backing vocalist Etana went on to pursue a solo career.

Richie Spice - In The Streets To Africa (VP Records)

In reggae circles this new release by Richie Spice was eagerly anticipated, with the big question being whether it would match the quality and originality of its predecessor 'Spice In Your Life'.

Richie Spice - Spice In Your Life (VP Records)

With the departure of founding members Chuck Fenda and Anthony Cruz, the fate of Richie Spice's 5th Element label was sealed. Spice made the best of a bad bargain and signed with VP Records.


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