The Souljazz Orchestra - Chaos Theories (Strut Records)

'Chaos Theories', the new album by Canadian band The Souljazz Orchestra, turns out to be the logical sequel to its 2017 predecessor 'Under Burning Skies', which was strongly influenced by music from the nineteen eighties.

The Souljazz Orchestra - Under Burning Skies (Strut Records)

For this new long player Canadian band The Souljazz Orchestra clearly drew on the nineteen eighties for inspiration.

The Souljazz Orchestra - Resistance (Strut Records)

For 'Resistance', already their fourth long player for Strut Records, Canadian band The Souljazz Orchestra this time spice their recipe of afrobeat, salsa, reggae and Ethio-jazz with influences from French-Caribbean genres like zouk and cadence, and with a song like 'Shock And Awe', a song celebrating people power with a title referring to the Bush-era military tactics, even a dose of Ivorian coupé-décalé.

The Souljazz Orchestra - Inner Fire (Strut Records)

Release after release Canadian band The Souljazz Orchestra seems to continue to mature and their new album 'Inner Fire' undoubtedly belongs to their best work so far.

The Souljazz Orchestra - Solidarity (Strut Records)

Canadian band The Souljazz Orchestra continues to lighten our spirits by regularly turning out albums that are always of a high level.

The Souljazz Orchestra - Rising Sun (Strut Records)

Yours truly got to know The Souljazz Orchestra as an infectious Canadian afrobeat band, but on 'Rising Sun' they let us down where that genre is concerned.


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