Jah Verity - Président Boulanger (Nocturne/Fakoly Production)

Tiken Jah Fakoly is a busybody; after the release of a biography and the live CD/DVD 'Live À Paris' last year, he is now producing work in his H.

Mikey Spice - Walk A Mile (VP Records)

MIKEY SPICE IS BACK! With that message, the most important thing surrounding this Mikey Spice release is said.

Otros Aires - Vivo En Otros Aires (Galileo Music Communication)

With Otros Aires, a Spanish project led by Argentinian Miguel Di Genova, we find ourselves in the same waters as Gotan Project: neo-tango (electronic music meets classic tango).

Alemayehu Eshete - The Best Of (AIT Records)

Alemayehu Eshete is sometimes called the Ethiopian Elvis, a nickname he owes to 'Tikur Gissila' ("Black Panther") an Ethiopian rock-'n-roll song from 1961 and Eshete's first big hit.

Daby Toure & Skip McDonald - Call My Name EP (Real World Records)

'Call My Name', the latest release on the Real World label is yet another East meets West project with American blues blending with its African counterpart (also see Ry Cooder and Ali Farka Toure or, more recently, Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara).

Radiokijada - Nuevos Sonidos Afro Peruanos (Wrasse Records)

One of the world music trends for 2009 is definitely the popularization of Afro-Peruvian music.

Blick Bassy - Léman (World Connection)

Introducing Blick Bassy: singer-songwriter and rising afro-pop star.

17 Hippies - El Dorado (HIPSTER Records)

German 17 Hippies are a versatile bunch.

To'Mezclao - Hibrid (Tumi Music)

It had been a while since we heard from the Tumi label, but with 'Hibrid' by Cuban band To'Mezclao they’re introducing us to what they consider to be the future of Latin American music.

Deolinda - Canção Ao Lado (World Connection)

Even though yours truly tries to cover the most diverse genres from the five continents, there are some that get significantly less attention than others.

Kočani Orkestar - The Ravished Bride (Crammed Discs)

On 'The Ravished Bride', Kočani Orkestar's third long player for the Crammed label, the Macedonian Gypsy brass band proves that they are still the funkiest of all Romani bands.

Amadou & Mariam - Welcome To Mali (Warner/Because Music)

Amadou & Mariam, the likeable duo from Mali, is back! For 'Welcome To Mali' they could still count on Manu Chao, but his absence is compensated by, among others, Gorillaz and Blur figurehead Damon Albarn, Canadian rapper with Somali roots K'naan and singer-songwriter Keziah Jones.

Los Callejeros - El Camino Es El Destino (Self-published)

Los Callejeros is the story of three musical rebels with a cause: Frank Mercado Avalos, Ben De Wandel and Peter Morris.

Oumou Sangare - Seya (World Circuit)

Disregarding the 2003 double compilation album 'Oumou', 'Seya' is Oumou Sangare's first long player in more than five years.

Cumbia Ya! - No Me Busques (Self-published) + Various Artists - Arriba La Cumbia! (Crammed Discs)

Due to the popularity of Latin genres like salsa, son or merengue and despite its huge popularity in Latin America, Colombian cumbia hasn't gained the international attention it deserves.

Kal - Radio Romanista (Asphalt Tango Records)

Kal ("black" in Romani, also see the cover of the album) is a project of Serbian Romani musician and activist Dragan Ristic.

U-Cef - Hallalwood (Crammed Discs)

For 'Hallalwood' London based DJ U-Cef fantasized about a utopian Casablanca; a place with a soundtrack that is a mix of bendirs, mizmars, rattling mopeds and ringing cellphones.

Anthony B - Rise Up (Greensleeves)

'Rise Up' is without any doubt one of the best (if not the best) album that Anthony B has released in recent years!

Novalima - Coba Coba (Cumbancha)

With 'Coba Coba', the new album by Afro-Peruvian sensation Afrolima, the Cumbancha label, signs for one of the strongest world music albums of 2008.

Mahmoud Ahmed - Tizita: The Best Of Volume 1 & 2 + Aster Aweke - Aster's Ballads (AIT Records)

Until recently the choice of Ethiopian music was limited to the (otherwise excellent) Ethiopiques series and some albums by Aster Aweke, but now there's US based AIT Records, who with a true winter offensive are making us aware of their existence.