Bossacucanova - Ao Vivo (Crammed Discs)

What Gotan Project did for nuevo tango, Bossacucanova does for bossa nova, mixing the genre with modern electronics, jazz and soul.

Kasai Allstars - In The 7th Moon, The Chief Turned Into A Swimming Fish And Ate The Head Of His Enemy By Magic (Crammed Discs)

The music of Kasai Allstars is somewhere akin to that of Konono N°1, but in yours truly's humble opinion, the use of the likembe (thumb piano) is just about all both bands have in common.

Oi Va Voi - Travelling The Face Of The Globe (Oi Va Voi Recordings/V2)

With their mix of Eastern European sounds and Western pop, London Oi Va Voi guarantees a solid live show.

Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara - Tell No Lies (Real World Records)

'Soul Science', last year's debut effort by Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara, released on the Wayward Records label, must also have impressed the heads at Real World Records, as successor 'Tell No Lies' appears under the auspices of the jubilating label.

La Minor - Oboroty (Eastblok Music)

La Minor was founded in Saint Petersburg back in 2000 by Slava Shalygin, Alexander Yezhov and Pyotr Ketlinsky, but stylistically is rather at home in Odessa, the main port in Ukraine and a melting pot of nationalities.

Pablo Milanés & Chucho Valdés - Mas Alla De Todo (Wrasse Records)

Pablo Milanés (Cuban singer and poet, played an important role in the development of the Cuban Nueva Trova, along with Silvio Rodríguez and Noel Nicola) and Chucho Valdés (Cuban pianist, orchestra conductor and composer, who founded the famous Cuban band Irakere) have been friends for years, but thus far that never resulted in a creative collaboration.

Various Artists - Paranda (Cumbancha/Stonetree Records)

'Paranda' actually dates from 2000, but is now for the first time distributed in the Benelux thanks to Xango Music Distribution.

Tony Allen - Secret Agent (World Circuit)

"Without Tony Allen, there'd be no afrobeat.

The Idan Raichel Project - Within My Walls (Cumbancha)

The fact the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the longest-running and most poignant conflicts on this globe, needs no argument, but yours truly finds it truly annoying that just about every Israeli music project presents itself as yet another dove of peace.

Ersatzmusika - Songs Unrecantable (Asphalt Tango Records)

Not easily digestible this 'Songs Unrecantable' by Berlin based Russian migrants of Ersatzmusika.

Linval Thompson - Ghetto Living (Makasound)

You have to hand it to Makasound, after they convinced him to redo some of his greatest hits for an Inna De Yard album a few years back, this time they managed to lure Linval Thompson into the studio for what is his first full album in about twenty years! 'Ghetto Living' was definitely worth the wait as this album is a true roots gem.

Sizzla - Ghetto Youth-Ology (Greensleeves)

Sizzla's latest is entitled 'Ghetto Youth-Ology' and it stands to reason youths are the subject of different songs ('Ghetto Utes Dem Ah Suffer', 'Hey Youths').

Glen Washington - Destiny (VP Records)

Glen Washington's career is one with many turns and twists.

Various Artists - Evolution Of Dub Volume 1: The Origin Of The Species (Greensleeves)

In the category "releases we'd love to add to our collection", 'Evolution Of Dub Volume 1: The Origin Of The Species', the latest dub collection on the Greensleeves label, rates very high.

Franziska - Action (Venus Distribuzione/Rough Trade)

The name Franziska might ring a bell for some of you, as two years ago this band from Milan was the winner of the Rototom European Reggae Contest.

Various Artists - Once Upon A Time At King Tubby's (Pressure Sounds)

This new Pressure Sounds release focuses on a nice anecdote from reggae history.

Various Artists - Songs For Reggae Lovers 2 (Greensleeves)

Every year we pass that date in February declared by cunning salesmen as the day of love.

Wahwahsda - Shiva Regal (Kwantakosta/Self-published)

It’s always nice when we can give local talent a little boost and for a quality auto-production like 'Shiva Regal', we even take our hat off.

Merger - Exiles In A Babylon (Makasound)

With Merger's 'Exiles In A Babylon' Makasound signs for one of the most interesting rereleases of 2009.

Niominka Bi and N’Diaxas Band - Shalom, Salam (Makasound)

'Shalom, Salam', the new album by Niominka Bi and N'Diaxas Band, takes a somewhat false start: title track 'Shalom' seems to be a carbon copy of Alpha Blondy's 'Jerusalem' and 'Fisherman', a version of The Congos' 'Fisherman' is a complete stinker.