Tamikrest - Tamotaït (Glitterbeat Records)

For this new Tamikrest album we'd just like to start with the title: 'Tamotaït' is Tamasheq for "hope for a positive change", something we all clearly yearn for after the entire COVID-19 pandemic and the recent global wave of anti-racist protest following the violent death of George Floyd during an arrest by the police in the American city of Minneapolis. However, with that title, the members of Tamikrest mainly refer to the situation of the Tuareg people.

Tamikrest - Kidal (Glitterbeat Records)

'Kidal', already the fourth long player by the young Tuareg lions of Tamikrest, is a tribute to the village of the same name in northern Mali where front man Ousmane Ag Mossa grew up; a town regarded as the unofficial Tuareg capital and a symbol of their resistance and defiance.

Tamikrest - Chatma (Glitterbeat Records)

One could consider 'Chatma' ("sisters"), Tamikrest's third long player to date, to be the band's first concept album.

Tamikrest - Toumastin (Glitterhouse Records)

On 'Toumastin', the successor to their 2010 debut album 'Adagh', Tamikrest sounds somewhat more aggressive; lyrically anyway, because musically speaking this album again offers the hypnotic desert rock we've become so fond of in Europe.

Tamikrest - Adagh + Dirtmusic - BKO (Glitterhouse Records)

The members of Tamikrest consider themselves to be spiritual sons of Tinariwen and like Tinariwen this new generation of Tuareg musicians sings of the blues of their people and the beauty of the desert.


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