Captain Sinbad - The Seven Voyages Of Captain Sinbad (Greensleeves)

Captain who? Truth be told, yours truly had no idea who this toaster was, but it has to be said, 'The Seven Voyages Of Captain Sinbad' is a true deejay-gem and the cover artwork is something you'll rarely see these days.

Beta Simon - Kraity Payan Guez (Nocturne/Fakoly Production)

There seems to be absolutely no shortage of African reggae productions lately. In the previous months we already introduced you to Kajeem and Takana Zion and now it's Beta Simon's turn.

Michael Rose - Warrior Dub + Various Artists - Twilight Sound System presents Cultural Roots Showcase (M Records)

This summer Ryan Moore again rejoices us with some brand new releases on his M Records label.

Jahcoustix & Dubios Neighbourhood - Grounded (Modernsoul/Four Music)

Jahcoustix states he discovered reggae while traveling in Kenya, but his debut album, 'Grounded', can hardly be classified as pure roots reggae as it sounds just a little too sophisticated.

Israel Vibration - Stamina (Médiacom)

Although Israel Vibration are clearly on their return, 'Stamina' is undoubtedly one of their best efforts in years.

Frenchie - Dub To Jamrock (Nocturne/Corner Shop/Maximum Sound)

French producer Frenchie is primarily known for the two albums he produced for Anthony B. With 'Dub To Jamrock' he now completes his very first dub album.

Nasio Fontaine - Rise Up (Greensleeves)

Nasio Fontaine, the Rastaman from Dominica, a small Caribbean Island south of Guadeloupe and Martinique, has already four albums to his name. 'Rise Up' is a more than descent 'Best Of' compilation and at the same time a fine introduction for those who still have to discover this roots artist.

Jah Cure - Reflections... A New Beginning (VP Records)

Fans of Jah Cure can breathe a sigh of relief, because after years of imprisonment, the man was finally released at the end of July and by the time you read this review he will already have given his first performance in years at the Reggae Sundance festival in Eindhoven.

Culture - Two Sevens Clash, The 30th Anniversary Edition (Shanachie)

July 7th 2007 must have been just about the most overbooked wedding date in years, but it was also the 30th anniversary of the album that would give Culture iconic status : 'Two Sevens Clash'.

Takana Zion - Zion Prophet (Makasound)

The black continent continues to deliver new reggae talents. Last month we introduced you to Kajeem and now it's Makasound's turn to present their latest asset on their Makafresh sub-label: Takana Zion.

The Slickers - Break Through (Makasound)

With every new reissue on the Makasound label yours truly wonders if the cunning French have struck gold again and where 'Break Through', a hitherto virtually obsolete release by obscure trio The Slickers, is concerned, the answer has to be a resounding: "Yes!"

Sizzla - I-space (Greensleeves)

With the title of his new album on the Greensleeves label, Sizzla winks at the current Myspace internet hype.

Lyricson - Keep The Faith (Jonquet/Nocturne)

Yours truly was impatiently waiting for a new long player by this Guinean living in France. His debut album 'Born 2 Go High' was one of the surprises of 2005 and 'Keep The Faith' does not disappoint either.

J.C. Lodge - Selfish Lover (Greensleeves)

June Lodge rose to instant celebrity when she recorded 'Someone Loves You Honey' (a song that even landed her a spot in the top ten of the pop charts) for Joe Gibbs in the 1970s. 'Someone Loves You Honey' does not feature in the track list of 'Selfish Lover', but her other big hit 'Telephone Love' is featured in two different versions.

Cocoa Tea - Biological Warfare (Minor7flat5)

Yours truly is an unconditional fan of Andreas 'Brotherman' Christophersen's productions, but that piece of information aside, 'Biological Warfare' is undoubtedly the comeback album Cocoa Tea was waiting for.

Dubmatix - Atomic Subsonic (Silencio Records/Nocturne)

'Atomic Subsonic' is the excellent debut album full of steppers, dub and roots by Canadian one-man-project Dubmatix.

The Heptones - Sweet Talking (Heartbeat)

The combination Heptones-Studio 1 is just about synonymous with the best music Jamaica has ever produced.

Cocoa Tea - Tune In (Greensleeves)

Re-issue of the early 1990s album classic Cocoa Tea recorded for Fatis Burrell's Xterminator label.

Ras Shiloh - Coming Home (VP Records)

It had been a while since we last heard from Ras Shiloh. He now returns with 'Coming Home', an album produced by Bobby Digital that sounds like a logical sequel to 'From Rasta To You'.

Pretcheldave - Chai's Ready (Same Same Productions)

Reggae and dub meets Asian vibes, that's how one could summarize this debut album by Pretcheldave, a singer of Portuguese descent living in Brussels.