Tommy Tornado - Cool Down (Self-published)

Two years after his debut album 'Sunrise', Dutch saxophonist Tommy Tornado is back with successor 'Cool Down'.

Sly & Robbie - Blackwood Dub (Grooveattack)

It had been quite a few years since Jamaica's best-known riddim tandem treated us to a new dub album.

Rod Anton & The Ligerians - Leaders Of Tomorrow EP (Wall On Stage)

Like for 'Angel', the 2010 EP which introduced us to his work, Rod Anton once again collaborated with The Congos for 'Leaders Of Tomorrow' (an EP meant as a preview for Anton's first full-fledged album 'Reasonin' which should see the light in May of this year).

Ras Daniel Ray & Tu Shung Peng - Ray Of Light (Ku Shung)

The French reggae scene kicks off the year in style with 'Ray Of Light' by Ras Daniel Ray & Tu Shung Peng.

Sizzla - The Chant (Afro Jam Music)

With 'The Chant' Sizzla wants to show us his musical roots as his bond with producer Everton Moore aka Caveman goes back to the time when Miguel Collins was still in school.

Zdob Si Zdub - Basta Mafia! (Asphalt Tango Records)

When the biography of a band immediately makes mention of their success at the Eurovision Song Contest, that sets off alarm bells with yours truly, although in the case of Moldovan band Zdob Si Zdub that is perhaps a little premature.

Che Sudaka - 10 (Cavernicola Records)

Our favorite Colombian mestizo-gang celebrates its tenth anniversary with '10', not a 'Best Of', but a new album to to give this jubilee the luster it deserves.