Solo Banton - Higher Levels (Reality Shock Records)

For the successor of his 2010 debut album 'Walk Like Rasta', Solo Banton once again called on Reality Shock Records producer Kris Kemist.

Raggasonic - Raggasonic 3 (Believe Recordings/Kif Records/Pias)

Fans of France's most successful reggae and dancehall duo Raggasonic had to be patient for over ten years to see their heroes share the stage again and for the release of this new album, 'Raggasonic 3', the wait was longer still.

Various Artists - Future Sounds Of Buenos Aires (ZZK Records)

'Future Sounds Of Buenos Aires', a compilation focusing on Buenos Aires' and Argentina's electronic music scene, proves once again that in modern "world music" ethnic/tropical elements are more and more becoming background details.

Lucas Santtana - O Deus Que Devasta Mas Tambem Cura (Mais Um Discos)

After his well-received 2011 debut 'Sem Nostalgia' Lucas Santtana positions himself as one of the most promising Brazilian musicians of his generation with 'O Deus Que Devasta Mas Tambem Cura' ("the god who devastates also cures").

Fanga & Maâlem Abdallah Guinéa - Fangnawa Experience (Strut Records)

'Fangnawa Experience' is a unique project for which French afrobeat band Fanga teamed up with maâlem (Gnawa master) Abdallah Guinéa resulting in a meeting of afrobeat and Moroccan gnawa.

Chantelle Ernandez - Gimme What’s Mine (Reggaeland Records)

The release of Chantelle Ernandez's debut album was preceded by an long career as a backing vocalist, and in Japan, as a member of UNITZz (a project started by Sly & Robbie), she's even a small star, so choosing 'Gimme What's Mine' as its title isn't completely unjustified.

Urna - Portrait (Network Medien)

The music of Inner-Mongolian singer Urna, forced yours truly to venture somewhat outside his comfort zone.

Alex Wilson - Salsa Veritas (Alex Wilson Records)

Yours truly got to know pianist Alex Wilson a few years ago thanks to the Mali Latino project, but he really made name in London's Latin scene.

Wilber Calver - Diaspora (Alex Wilson Records)

A Cuban bagpipe player? Musically speaking things probably won't get crazier than that, and yet, even though it takes some getting used to, Wilber Calver's music - he calls it Afro-Cuban Celtic music - works.

Robert Soko - BalkanBeats SoundLab (Piranha)

Robert Soko made his name as the man behind the meanwhile legendary BalkanBeats parties and together with Florian Mikuta (Romanian DJ, producer, keyboard player) he now put together this compilation full of exclusive remixes of some of his favorite tracks from his deejay sets.

Tunji Oyelana - A Nigerian Retrospective 1966 - 79 (Soundway Records)

In Nigeria's rich musical history, Tunyi Oyelana is a bit of a misfit.

Black Roots - On The Ground (Sugar Shack Records/Nubian Records)

Like 'On The Ground' they don't make 'em anymore.

Lee Perry - The Sound Doctor (Pressure Sounds)

Lee Perry may have burnt down his Black Ark studio in 1980, apparently not all that much material was lost.

Various Artists - London's Calling (Culture Clash Productions)

For 'London's Calling' a number of classics about the British capital (Ralph McTell's 'Streets Of London', Lord Kitchener's 'London Is The Place To Be' and title track 'London Calling' by The Clash even appears in two versions) are revamped, with the most original makeovers being Lily Allen's 'LDN' in a version by the Ethiopian Krar Collective and the reggae version of Ralph McTell's 'Streets Of London' by Soothsayers.

Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Mercato (Mental Groove/Absinthe Music)

After Nigerian afrobeat, Ethiopian music is now also finding a wider market in Europe.

Krar Collective - Ethiopia Super Krar (Riverboat Records/World Music Network)

If Mulatu Astatke represents Ethiopian jazz and Mahmoud Ahmed's music is an Ethiopian version of soul, then Krar Collective positions itself rather in the rock corner of the music spectrum.

Various Artists - Rhythms Del Mundo: Africa (APE Records)

'Rhythms Del Mundo' is a series making world stars do their thing alongside local artists.

Eclipse - Corrupted Society (Reggae Archive Records)

In our review of Dan Ratchet's 'Jah Poor People', yours truly raised the question how many forgotten reggae gems continued to gather dust somewhere and Bristol Archive Records chief Mike Darby appears to have heard that question, because he now founded Reggae Archive Records, a sister label of Bristol Archive Records that will focus on reissuing forgotten albums by reggae bands from the rest of the United Kingdom.

Katzenjammer - A Kiss Before You Go (Propeller Recordings)

A few years back we were still full of praise about 'Le Pop', the debut album by Norwegian girl quartet Katzenjammer, but about successor 'A Kiss Before You Go' we'll be rather brief.

Various Artists - Orient Noir (Piranha)

With this compilation by notorious German music collector Dr.