Dubmatix - Atomic Subsonic (Silencio Records/Nocturne)

'Atomic Subsonic' is the excellent debut album full of steppers, dub and roots by Canadian one-man-project Dubmatix.

The Heptones - Sweet Talking (Heartbeat)

The combination Heptones-Studio 1 is just about synonymous with the best music Jamaica has ever produced.

Cocoa Tea - Tune In (Greensleeves)

Re-issue of the early 1990s album classic Cocoa Tea recorded for Fatis Burrell's Xterminator label.

Ras Shiloh - Coming Home (VP Records)

It had been a while since we last heard from Ras Shiloh. He now returns with 'Coming Home', an album produced by Bobby Digital that sounds like a logical sequel to 'From Rasta To You'.

Pretcheldave - Chai's Ready (Same Same Productions)

Reggae and dub meets Asian vibes, that's how one could summarize this debut album by Pretcheldave, a singer of Portuguese descent living in Brussels.

Natural Black - Jah Guide (Greensleeves)

'Jah Guide' is already Natural Black's second album for the Greensleeves label in as many years, and where predecessor 'Far From Reality' sounded a bit corny at times, 'Jah Guide' rather resembles Black's debut album 'Spiritual Food'.

Junior Murvin - Inna De Yard (Makasound)

We already announced this umpteenth release in Makasound's Inna De Yard series and this set by Junior Murvin by no means disappoints.

Kajeem - Positif (Heartbeat Europe/Rounder)

'Positif' is the debut album of Ivorian reggae revelation Kajeem.

Da'Ville - On My Mind (VP Records)

Just as dancehall keeps flirting with the American hip-hop scene, lovers rock releases are getting more and more r&b infused.

Capital Letters - Headline News (Greensleeves)

From its release in 1979, Capital Letters' 'Headline News' has been one of the bestselling albums in the Greensleeves catalog.

Horace Andy + Sly & Robbie - Livin' It Up (Taxi/Discograph)

For 'Livin' It Up' Horace Andy decided to join forces with the irreplaceable riddim twins Sly & Robbie.

Marcia Griffiths - Reggae Anthology: Melody Life (VP Records)

With 'Melody Life' VP Records is finally releasing a new album in their Reggae Anthology series (the previous one, Garnet Silk's 'Music Is The Rod', dating from 2004).

Yellowman - Most Wanted (Greensleeves)

For this second release in their Most Wanted series the Greensleeves label compiled the biggest hits of the king of the dancehall: Yellowman!

Lieutenant Foxy - Dub & Vocals In My Central Station (Soulbeats Records/Nocturne)

Bit of an unbalanced album, this 'Dub & Vocals In My Central Station'.

Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Stop That Train (Greensleeves)

With only three extra tracks, this re-release of the legendary album by Clint Eastwood and General Saint is a more modest effort by the Greensleeves label.

Zilverzurf - West Eastern Impressions (Lola's World)

"Reggae, but not as we know it!", that's how one could summarize 'West Eastern Impressions'.

Wailing Souls - Most Wanted: Classic Cuts 1978 - 1984 (Greensleeves)

We will repeat it until you tire of reading it: "This year the Greensleeves label celebrates its thirtieth birthday!" and of course an anniversary like that calls for the necessary re-releases! As the first installment of a new series entitled 'Most Wanted', 'Classic Cuts 1978 - 1984' is a sort of 'Best Of' compilation of the work of Wailing Souls.

Various Artists - Rub-A-Dub Soldiers (Makasound)

At first glance this seems like an in-between release by the Makasound label, but for those willing to give it a bit more attention, this compilation offers some gems from the rub-a-dub era of the early nineteen eighties.

Jah Mason - Life Is Just A Journey (Nocturne)

To those who've listened to Anthony B's most recent effort 'Higher Meditation', 'Life Is Just A Journey' should sound quite familiar.

Gras¿as - Doe Dat Dan! (Self-published)

Apart from Campina Reggae there's still another band playing their own version of Dutch reggae: Gras¿as! And yet, the big difference between Campina Reggae and Gras¿as still lies in the language used.