Tony Tuff - Say Something (Minor7flat5)

Tony Tuff, once Sugar Minott's partner in African Brothers, is a somewhat underappreciated roots voice from the Jamaican music scene.

Michael Rose - Warrior (M Records)

'Warrior' is already the second album Michael Rose recorded for Ryan Moore, and once again it is a classic understated reggae album mainly carried by Rose's unique voice.

Queen Ifrica - Fyah Muma (Flames Productions)

It took quite some time for Queen Ifrica's debut album to manifest, but isn't there a wonderful English expression that goes: "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."?

Lee Scratch Perry - Panic In Babylon (Narnack Records/Suburban)

Thanks to the sound of the Swiss White Belly Rats and producer Pascal Brunkow of the equally Swiss Damp Music, 'Panic In Babylon' is one of the better Perry releases of recent years.

Winston McAnuff - Paris Rockin' (Makasound)

For this atypical reggae-soul album, veteran and bosom friend of Earl Sixteen, Winston McAnuff, joined forces with French band Java.

Luciano - Child Of A King (VP Records)

Unlike many of his colleagues Luciano continues to deliver solid albums and 'Child Of A King' is no exception.

Jah Wobble & The English Roots Band - Jah Wobble & The English Roots Band (30 Hertz Records)

Absolutely not yours truly's cup of tea, this 'Jah Wobble & The English Roots Band'.

Groundation - Upon The Bridge (Nocturne)

'Upon The Bridge' is already Groundation's fifth album to date and the Californian reggae band continues to do what it's good at.

Alton Ellis - Many Moods Of Alton Ellis (Makasound)

More than enough trilling moments on 'Many Moods Of Alton Ellis', a reissue of a "forgotten" album by Mr. Rocksteady from the mid-nineteen seventies supplemented with six rare bonus tracks.

Dreadzone - Live At Sunrise (Functional Records)

What to say about this first live album by dance/reggae machine Dreadzone? Fronted by master of ceremonies MC Spee and vocalist Earl Sixteen, this album offers a perfect impression of the blast of positive energy a Dreadzone live concert is.

Tony Rebel - I Rebel (Flames Productions)

This new long player by Tony Rebel counts no less than twenty tracks, something his fans will hardly mind of course, as they were already waiting for a new Rebel album since the release of 2003's 'Connection'.

Jah Mason - Wheat And Tears (Greensleeves)

Just a few months after the release of the impressive 'Princess Gone... The Saga Bed' on VP Records, Jah Mason is back with 'Wheat And Tears'.

Eric Donaldson - Cherry Oh Baby: The Best Of Eric Donaldson (Trojan/Sanctuary)

The name Eric Donaldson will only ring a bell with the selected few, though just about everyone can still sing along to his biggest hit 'Cherry Oh Baby' (which might rather be the merit of UB40).

Desmond Dekker - This Is Desmond Dekkar (Trojan/Sanctuary)

'This Is Desmond Dekkar' is a nice homage to ska legend Desmond Dekker who passed away earlier this year, and with a compilation of no less than 31 (!) songs on one CD you can hardly misspend your money in buying this compilation.

Dave Barker meets The Upsetters - Prisoner Of Love (Trojan/Sanctuary)

On this Lee Perry production, Dave Barker (the singing half of duo Dave & Ansel Collins) sounds as if Sam Cooke travelled to Jamaica in the late 1960s.

Cocoa Tea - Save Us Oh Jah (VP Records)

The biggest letdown of this new Cocoa Tea album is that it doesn't offer any real highlights.

The Viceroys - Inna De Yard (Makasound)

The newest addition in the Inna De Yard series this time doesn't focus on a solo artist, but rather on a legendary vocal trio from the glory days of Studio One.

Various Artists - Alpha Boys' School 1910 - 2006, Music In Education (Trojan/Sanctuary)

'Alpha Boys' School 1910-2006, Music In Education' is not a simple compilation album, but a tribute to an institution which for decades played an instrumental role in Jamaican musical history.

Turbulence - Notorious, The Album (VP Records)

This is already Turbulence's third album for 2006, but we’re happy to report 'Notorious, The Album' (released on the VP Records label) is a direct hit.

Garnet Silk - Rule Dem: The Roots Of The Reggae Messiah (Trojan/Sanctuary)

'Rule Dem: The Roots Of The Reggae Messiah' is really nothing more than a collection of dubplates recorded by the late Garnet Silk for Jamaican top sound Killamanjaro in the early nineties of the last century.