Various Artists - Dub Station (Irievibrations Records)

'Dub Station', an album that was given IRIE100 as a catalog number, is the hundredth release on the Austrian Irievibrations Records label.

La Reyna Y La Real - Miky Y Repa (Tumi Music)

Feel free to consider La Reina Y La Real as the Cuban answer to female American hip-hop duo Salt-n-Peppa.

Meta And The Cornerstones - Hira (Metarize/Dibyz Music)

For 'Hira', his third long player to date, Meta Dia took to Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios in Bath.

Tinariwen - Elwan (Wedge/Pias)

Recording back home in Kidal was and still is not an option, but for 'Elwan' ("the elephants") the members of Tinariwen remained a lot closer to home than for predecessor, 2014's 'Emmaar' (recorded at Rancha de la Luna in California's Joshua Tree National Park).

Sylford Walker - Lamb's Bread (Greensleeves)

This year Greensleeves is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and to give this joyous event the necessary attention, the label will be presenting a number of reissues.

Girma Bèyènè & Akalé Wubé - Mistakes On Purpose (Buda Musique)

For their new long player, appearing on Francis Falceto's prestigious 'Ethiopiques', French Ethio-groove band Wubé Akalé (loosely translated "my sweetie" or "pretty woman"; a name the band took from a song by legendary Ethiopian saxophonist Getatchew Mekurya) joined forces with Ethiopian music legend Girma Bèyènè.

Aurelio - Darandi (Real World Records)

Garifuna-Ambassador Aurelio Martinez recorded the songs for 'Darandi' (which loosely translates as "Introduction") in Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios in Bath.

BaBa ZuLa - XX (Glitterbeat Records)

Those among you, who believe the Erdogan regime in Turkey really screens and censors everything, should urgently check out the oeuvre of BaBa ZuLa.

Hempress Sativa - Unconquerebel (Conquering Lion Records)

It certainly hasn't always been the case, but these days it seems Jamaica is producing one female music talent after another.

Lula Pena - Archivo Pittoresco (Crammed Discs)

Musically speaking, Portuguese singer-songwriter and poet Lula Pena has always been an anachronism in the modern fado-scene, and personally she still prefers to describe herself as an existentialist musician.

Jemere Morgan - Transition (Dada Son Entertainment)

For his debut effort, Jemere Morgan - son of Morgan Heritage keyboardist/vocalist Gramps - in the end opted to do a full album and not an EP as he'd previously announced.

Lloyd Parks - Time A Go Dread (Pressure Sounds)

The year has only just started and Pressure Sounds is already presenting what could easily become one of the most interesting compilations of 2017.