Foshan Roots - Sky Warrior Dub (Dub-O-Phonic)

Dub-O-Phonic ends the year with a new initiative, as the Cypriot netlabel is planning to revive the catalogue of Springline Records, an English reggae and dub label that was active between 2003 and 2012.

Asher-E - Black Star Melodies (Black Star Foundation)

With albums by Exile Di Brave and Leah Rosier, and riddim production 'World Of Righteousness Riddim' ('Don't Judge' is a dubby instrumental of Robina Souilljee's eponymous version over that riddim), 2017 has been a prolific year for Black Star Foundation, and multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer and producer Eelco Kastermans aka Asher-E had a major hand in all of those projects.

Dijf Sanders - Java (W.E.R.F. Records)

Bruges-born Dijf Sanders is known as a composer of soundtracks filled with exotica, psychedelia, jazz and electro, making the listener long for far-off places; a sound he likes to describe as "future exotica".

Danakil - Danakil meets Ondubground (Baco Records)

Just as was the case with their previous albums, Danakil now also presents a dub version of their last long player 'La Rue Raisonne'.

Dinamo - Ahora Bajo Y Arreglo Todo (Runaway Records)

Dinamo is a seven-piece latin-ska band from Majorca you could consider part of the Catalan mestizo movement.

Amparanoia - El Coro De Mi Gente (Calaverita Records/Warner/Via Lactea Records)

Just when we thought the Catalan musica mestiza scene was as good as dead, two stalwarts are breathing new life into the genre.

Gili Yallo - Gili Yalo (Dead Sea Recordings)

Gili Yalo is a young Beta Israel (or Ethiopian Jew) from Tel Aviv, with this self-titled album making an impressive long player debut.

Alpha & Omega - One By One (Steppas Records)

Last year there was 'No Beginning No End', a collaboration with Irish-Surinamese MC Ras Tinny, now followed by 'One By One'.

Alborosie - Soul Pirate Acoustic (Baco Records)

In 2018 Alboroseie long player debut 'Soul Pirate' will be exactly 10 years old, and to mark the occasion the Italo-Jamaican now selected a number of the biggest hits from that album ('Herbalist', 'Kingston Town', 'Police'...) and rerecorded them acoustically for 'Soul Pirate Acoustic' (an album that might just as well have been called 'Alborosie Unplugged', but that name has undoubtedly already been trademarked).

Eden Fight - Reggaevolution (Early Records)

Eden Fight (real name Bruno Gripacus) is a former member of Guadeloupian Karukera Sound System, but has been living in Paris for quite some time now, working on a solo career.

Che Sudaka - Almas Rebeldes (Cavernicola Records)

The last few years the Spanish-Catalan musica mestiza scene is slowly but surely bleeding out. Still, there are some strong holders who're bravely soldiering on.

Randy Valentine - New Narrative EP (Royal Order Music)

For this 'New Narrative' EP, Randy Valentine joined forces with producer-duo's Javier 'King I-Vier' Cierra and Adolfo 'Jah Yzer' Communal from San Francisco based Royal Order Music, and Dan Grossman and Michael Gore from Loud City Music in Seattle.

Speng Bond - Up Deh (Reality Shock Records)

It had been a while since Kris Kemist treated us to a new long player, but finally there's now 'Up Deh' by Speng Bond, a Brummie MC, active with sounds like Jungleman, Quaker City, Turbotronic, King Earthquake and Now Generation, ever since the nineteen seventies.

City Kay - Mad Men EP (Baco Records)

As an appetizer for their upcoming 'Strange Things' album, planned for release in March of next year, six-piece London formation City Kay presents this 4 track 'Mad Men' EP.

Sinouj - Labu (Self-published)

Sinouj is a Spanish project around saxophonist Pablo Hernandez, who, in collaboration with musicians from Spain, Italy, Nigeria and Tunisia created a mix of Western jazz with influences from Arab and West-African tradition.

3MA - Anarouz (Mad Minute Music)

Almost 10 years after the release of their self-titled debut, occasional trio Ballaké Sissoko, Driss El Maloumi and Rajery took to the studio again for 'Anarouz' (Tamazight or Berber for "hope").

M.L.K. meets The Breadwinners - The World Is In Trouble (Breadwinners Records)

'The World Is In Trouble' is the fruit of a collaboration between Manchester-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Al Breadwinner and Sierra Leonean Dutchman Mohamed Lamin Kamara aka M.L.K. (also front man of Amsterdam based band Flavour Coalition).

Exco Levi - Narrative (Silly Walks Discotheque)

For 'Narrative' Jamaican Canadian Wayneford Omara Levy aka Exco Levi joined forces with German producer duo Silly Walks Discotheque.

Strawl - A Luta Continua (Pacha Mama Music)

For many years now, Saint Eustachian Strawl (Curtis Arnaud) has been a stalwart of the Dutch reggae scene, and for 'A Luta Continua' (loosely translated: "the fight continues", the battle cry of Samora Machel, leader of FRELIMO, or Frente de Libertação de Moçambique, during the Mozambican war for independence) he joined forces with Pacha Mama, a sound system crew from Den Bosch, with this album also celebrating the first release on their Pacha Mama Music label.

The Melodians - The Return Of The Melodians (TWT Music)

Vocal trio The Melodians, known from rocksteady hits like 'Sweet Sensation', 'Rivers Of Babylon', 'Expo 67' or 'You Don't Need Me', hopefully won't need an introduction?