Patrick Ruffino - Agoo (MDC/Pias)

As a descendant from a multicultural family - Beninese father, Burkinabe mother and a Ghanaian grandmother - Beninese singer and bassist Patrick Ruffino mixes musical traditions and languages from his homeland, with influences from jazz, soul, Afro-Cuban rhythms and, above all, a solid dose of funk.

Kiala & The Afroblaster - Money (Kamiyad)

The life story of Kiala Nzavotunga reads like an adventure novel.

Choco Y Sus Complices - Buscando La Calma (Xango Music)

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is bound to evoke some associations (banking, cheap refuelling, etc.), but timba, the Cuban answer to Nuyorican salsa, will probably not be among them. Yet it is the home of renowned conga player Eric 'Choco' Durrer, who, with Choco Y Sus Complices, is starting a new chapter in his musical career.

Total Hip Replacement - Wonder Why (Self-published)

Total Hip Replacement is a five-piece band from Aarhus in the North-East of Denmark. The quintet was formed in 2013, already released two earlier Dennis Ahlgren produced EPs and for their long player debut once again joined forces with the producer.

Ras Dave - Chapter 1 EP (Rebel Sound Records)

This aptly titled 'Chapter 1' is the debut EP by Ras Dave, an MC, DJ and radio host from Denver, Colorado, who honed his craft as a member of several local reggae bands and with 'The Ras Dave Show' even hosted his own broadcast on Randy's Reggae Radio for a while.

Loxandra Ensemble - In Transition (Dalit Music)

Eight years after their last release, 2011s 'Meyhane - Kafe Aman', Greek band Loxandra Ensemble returns with 'In Transition'.

Skarra Mucci - Skarra Mucci & The One Love Family (Undisputed Records)

'Skarra Mucci & The One Love Family' could just as well have been titled 'Skarra Mucci & Friends', as for this compilation, the Europe-based Jamaican selected some of the best combination tunes he recorded over the past few years, supplemented with a handful new recordings.

Cafe con Leche - L'avenir Est À Nous (Self-published)

To our own surprise the musical output of Ghent based mestizo-collective Café con Leche had somehow eluded us, and that for an eleven-piece band that's already been active since 2005, and with 'L'avenir Est À Nous' is already presenting its third long player!

Diogal - Roadside (Buda Musique)

Diogal is a Senegalese singer-songwriter and sound engineer based in France, performing his lyrics in Wolof over a mix of the rhythms from his homeland and Western singer-songwriter pop, nu-folk and classical music.

Maïs & Sin - Virtual Lines (Antipod Records)

'Virtual Lines' is the second collaboration of French producers Maïs and Sin, two strong holders of the Strasbourg based Antipod Records label.

Anja G & - Bang!Bang!/Raggamuffin EP (AmpliFyah Music)

This mini EP (two vocal cuts and as many dubs) is the calling card of Anja Nigović aka Anja G and; the first a new vocal talent from Zagreb, and a well-known Croatian sound engineer and producer.

Booboo'zzz All Stars - Studio Reggae Bash Vol. II (Baco Records)

With 'Studio Reggae Bash Vol. II' French band Booboo'zzz All Stars continues where it left off with the excellent cover album they still blew us away with last year.

Aston 'Family Man' Barrett & The Wailers Band - Soul Constitution: Instrumentals & Dubs 1971-1982 (Dub Store Records)

The title already says it all, for 'Soul Constitution' the Japanese Dub Store Records compiled a series of instrumentals and dubs Wailers-bass player Aston 'Family Man' Barrett recorded between 1971 and 1981.

Black Ship - On The Sea EP (Khanti Records/Pias)

Black Ship, interesting name for a reggae band, especially when you know the ship's crew are 6 Caucasian Parisians, who with this 6 track 'On The Sea' EP - each of the six tracks representing part of a boat trip - are presenting their studio debut.

Yusimi Yusimi - Automatic EP (Self-published/Zojak World Wide)

Yusimi Yusimi is the alter ego of Beres Barnett, front man of The Sounds Of Riddim, a six-piece reggae band from Atlanta, Georgia, looking to Black Uhuru and Dennis Brown for inspiration.

Sonido Gallo Negro - Mambo Cosmico (Glitterbeat Records)

The Mexican black rooster has crowed again and that resulted in 'Mambo Cosmico'. If for their previous albums, the members Sonido Gallo Negro still drew on Latin and Central American mythologies for inspiration, for 'Mambo Cosmico' they ventured across the ocean to build a cosmic bridge to the gods of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Mellow Mood - Large (La Tempesta Dischi)

With 'Large' Italian reggae twins Mellow Mood treat their fans to their first album since the release of diptych 'Twinz' and '2 The World', the band's provisional masterpiece from 2014/2015.

Abdul & The Gang - Chibani (InOuïe Distribution)

Abdul & The Gang, a clear nod to American funk band Kool & The Gang, is the brainchild of Abou Ben Salem aka Abdul. Born in Boudnib, a small village in the east of Morocco near to the border with Algeria and close to the city of Errachidia, Abou grew up around the gnawa-rituals of Merzouga.

Ras Fraser Jr. - Journey To Greatness (Rebel Sound Records)

Jhemel Fraser aka Ras Fraser Jr. is the son of Jamaican reggae veteran Phillip Fraser, with 'Journey To Greatness' presenting his long player debut.

Emir Kusturica And The No Smoking Orchestra - Corps Diplomatique (HYP/Pias)

Even though we've seen the man perform at least half a dozen times at one festival or the other, we haven't really kept up with the discography of French-Serbian director, actor and musician Emir Kusturica and his No Smoking Orchestra.