Nitty Gritty - Turbo Charged + King Kong - Trouble Again (Greensleeves)

Under the name 80's Digital Classics the Greensleeves label is launching yet another series and two releases from the stable of digital Grand Master King Jammy are up first.

Etana - The Strong One (VP Records)

You might know Etana from her stint as a backing vocalist for Richie Spice, but with 'The Strong One' (also the translation of her pseudonym from Hebrew) the songstress now delivers her solo debut.

Tarrus Riley - Challenges (VP Records)

'Challenges', the new album by Tarrus Riley is actually a re-issue of his debut effort, an album which previously appeared on the small Ya Man label in 2004.

Rockamovya - Rockamovya (Young Tree Records/Nocturne)

Even though the popularity of Groundation is still increasing, creative musicians like to try something different every now and then and when like Harrison Stafford you can count music legends like drummer Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace to your circle of friends, a side project is only a matter of time.

Tamika & Mamadee - Good Days EP (Pow Pow Productions/Grooveattack)

You've undoubtedly already noticed them onstage with Gentleman: Mamadee, Tamika and Blain, the three graceful appearances that are always flanking the German singer and with their vocal skills give Gentleman's set a whole different dimension. Tamika and Mamadee have now joined forces and released an EP together.

Culture - Culture & The Deejays At Joe Gibbs 1977 - 79 + Dennis Brown - A Little Bit More (17 North Parade/VP Records)

More DJ treasures from the Joe Gibbs vaults, that's how you could summarize these two latest 17 North Parade releases by VP Records.

Cali P - Lyrical Fyah (Pow Pow Productions/Grooveattack)

German Pow Pow Productions has built themselves a reputation recently by focusing on releases by new and/or unknown reggae talent.

Various Artists - Greensleeves 12" Rulers: Jah Thomas, Midnight Rock 1981 - '84 (Greensleeves)

Jah Thomas will forever be tied to Triston Palmer's 'Entertainment' and his own version on that tune 'Friday Night Jamboree' (on this compilation as a 12-inch version featuring Ranking Toyan), but he was of course also the producer behind the Midnight Rock label.

Various Artists - Every Mouth Must Be Fed: Micron Music Limited 1973 to 1976 (Pressure Sounds)

The 59th Pressure Sounds release is entirely dedicated to the lesser-known Micron label.

Sizzla - The Journey: The Very Best Of (Greensleeves)

The very best of Sizzla on one disc? Given the output of the man, that seems an almost impossible task.

Michael Rose - Great Expectations (On The Corner/Nocturne)

If we forget about opening track 'Momento', a tedious and redundant reggaeton tune, 'Great Expectations' is a Michael Rose album that will mainly please lovers of UK roots.

Cutty Ranks - Reggae Anthology: Limb By Limb (VP Records)

Admittedly, yours truly is not the biggest fan of Cutty Ranks (born Philip Thomas) and certainly no authority where his works are concerned.

Mikey Ras Starr - Fire & Rain (Makasound)

Makasound strikes again! It's incredible how these French do it, but their re-releases continue to amaze.

Jah Mason - No Matter The Time (Jenny’s Records/Nocturne)

Nothing surprising this new album by Jah Mason; his style has hardly changed in recent years and on this Vikings/Black Scorpio production he just does what he's good at over a number of decent riddims (Skylarking, Police In Helicopter, Hot Milk).

Campina Reggae - Vet En Verstaanbaar (Super/Lowlands Distribution)

Campina Reggae, a project started by bass player Steven Vangool and featuring Jan Bellemans, Jeroen Van Esbroeck, Percy Jones and, of course, Zulema Hechavarria Blanco, is one big ode to his native region the Campine.

Various Artists - Reggae Anthology: Joe Gibbs, Scorchers From The Mighty Two (VP Records)

With Joe Gibbs gone, his archives seem to be up for grabs.

Dengue Fever - Venus On Earth (Real World Records)

As we're not served a dose of Cambodian psychedelic rock every day, this latest Real World Records release is definitely an oddity.

Felix Baloy Y Su Cuban Son All Stars - Un Solo Amor (Tumi Music)

Felix Baloy, the voice of Afro-Cuban All Stars, has been going at it solo for several years now, and with 'Un Solo Amor', the son-veteran delivers pure Cuban quality.

Puerto Plata - Mujer De Cabaret (iASO Records)

Where music from the Dominican Republic is concerned, yours truly spontaneously thinks of high-speed digital merengue, but apparently in a further past son and bachata were also played on the island.

Balla Et Ses Balladins + Bembeya Jazz National - The Syliphone Years (Sterns Music)

With its latest releases in the well-known format that we've become accustomed to (double CD with an almost encyclopedic accompanying booklet), the Sterns label focusses on the post-colonial history of Guinea-Conakry.