Gogol Bordello - Pura Vida Conspiracy (ATO Records)

With 'Pura Vida Conspiracy' Gogol Bordello front man Eugene Hütz comes full circle; for the first time in a long time he returned to his mother country Ukraine, a trip to Kiev that brought him to terms with his position as the ultimate outsider.

Rotimi & The Afrophonik Crew - Vision (Self-published)

Olurotimi Hundeyin aka Rotimi is a Nigerian trumpeter who migrated to the United States, still played with Femi Kuti's Positive Force for a while and with 'Vision' delivers one of the world music surprises for 2013.

Lutan Fyah - Life Of A King (Grillaras Productions)

Ten years ago Lutan Fyah and Jah Mason were still rising stars in the Jamaican music scene, but somewhere along the lines we lost track of both of them.

Bitty McLean - The Taxi Sessions (Taxi/Mideya/Silent River)

Bitty McLean is gradually becoming an anomaly in contemporary reggae, releasing one magnificent album after the other, but for one reason or another he never really made it into the mainstream.

The Nice Guys - Sweet & Dirty EP (Majestic)

The Nice Guys are a Ghent (Belgium) based band founded over ten years ago when members of punk formation The Accused decided to have a stab at playing some genuine ska.

Jaipur Kawa Brass Band - Dance Of The Cobra (Riverboat Records/World Music Network)

Those who wonder where Red Baraat got its inspiration from should definitely check out Jaipur Kawa Brass Band's 'Dance Of The Cobra'.

Mo’Kalamity & The Wizards - Freedom Of The Soul (Sofia-Thea Records)

'Freedom Of The Soul' is already Mo'Kalamity & The Wizards' third album.

Dr. Calypso - Sempre Endavant (Propaganda Pel Fet)

The band members of Barcelona based Dr.

The Mighty Diamonds - Reggae Anthology: Pass The Knowledge (17 North Parade/VP Records)

With 'Reggae Anthology: Pass The Knowledge', vocal trio Mighty Diamonds finally receives the career overview it deserves.

Jah Lude - Yachin Neger (Nahom Records)

Last week we introduced you to the untimely departed Eyob Mekonnen and this time it's another young Ethiopian artist's turn: Jah Lude.

Eyob Mekonnen - Ende Kal (Yisakal Entertainment)

End of August news reached us of the untimely death of Ethiopian reggae singer Eyob Mekonnen who had succumbed to the aftereffects of a stroke in a Kenyan hospital on August 18th.

Pura Vida - Red Hot (Lost Ark Music)

Three years after their highly acclaimed debut album 'Struggle In The City', Belgian roots pride Pura Vida returns with 'Red Hot'.

Ken Boothe - Journey (Chadstar Productions)

With 'Journey' Ken Boothe is putting his fifty years in the music business in the spotlight.

The Garifuna Collective - Ayó (Stonetree Records/Cumbancha)

It's already been just over five years since Garifuna figurehead Andy Palacio's early demise.

Winston McAnuff & Fixi - A New Day (Chapter Two Records/Wagram)

This new album by Winston McAnuff and French accordionist Fixi was already announced a few months ago with the release of a self-titled four track EP.

Talisman - I-Surrection (Sugar Shack Records)

After Black Roots and Jashwha Moses, Bristol Archive Records' re-releases have now also inspired the members of Talisman to pick up their instruments again and record some new work.

Çiğdem Aslan - Mortissa (Asphalt Tango Records)

Rebetiko might sound a tad melancholic to Western European ears (the genre wasn't nicknamed "the Aegean blues" for no reason), in Turkey and Greece it still provides musical liberation for the lower classes and in the light of the events in both Greece and Turkey (the album is dedicated to all "mortissas" who stood their ground during the protests on Taksim Square) it's perhaps only fitting Çiğdem Aslan, a young singer of Kurdish-Alevi origins, is giving the genre a new wind.

El Son De La Chama - Consciencia (Kasba Music)

The more Spain gets engulfed in an economic crisis, the more reactionary mestizo-bands keep springing up like mushrooms.

Earlyworm - The Dub Device (Renegade Recordings)

Canadian Earlyworm quickly made a name for himself in the dub scene and with 'The Dub Device' delivers his best release to date: solid bass, samples and effects in the right places… absolutely everything about this album makes sense.

Ken Parker - Yesteryears Recaptured (Pisces Records)

Ken Parker is a somewhat (unjustly) forgotten Jamaican artist from the rocksteady era who with 'Yesteryears Recaptured' looks back on his career.