Folheymaa - Boduberu From K. Huraa (Asasi Records)

The Asasi Records label already invited us to the Maldives for 'Dhaalu Raa', Ahmed Nasheed's mix of Western rock and acoustic guitar music supported by the rhythm of traditional bodu beru drums.

Master See - 4EVA MUSIC (Self-published)

Singer-songwriter and producer Master See has specialized in what he himself describes as soul beat, a mix of soul, funk, jazz and reggae.

Omar Souleyman - Wenu Wenu (Ribbon Music)

It seems unlikely, but notwithstanding having already more than five hundred albums to his name, 'Wenu Wenu' is Omar Souleyman's first full-fledged studio album.

Sebastian Sturm & Exile Airline - A Grand Day Out (Soulbeats Records)

'A Grand Day Out' is the second album Sebastian Sturm recorded with Exile Airline and this time the band members are also featured on the album cover.

Lee Perry - Lee Perry & His Upsetters present Roaring Lion (Pressure Sounds)

In the past few years, the Pressure Sounds label has presented us with quite a few Lee Perry compilations and they sadly weren't all up to scratch (pardon the pun).

Various Artists - Peru Maravilloso (Tiger's Milk Records)

In addition to an interesting collection of Peruvian tropicalia (cumbia, chicha, guaracha, Latin-jazz, rock and psychedelic music) from the nineteen sixties and seventies, 'Peru Maravilloso' is also the first release on the brand new Tiger's Milk Records label created by the chef of London's Peruvian restaurant Ceviche and vinyl collector Martin Morales and Duncan Ballantyne (Soundway Records, Far Out Recordings).

Wayo - Trance Percussion Masters Of South Sudan (Riverboat Records/World Music Network)

Wayo isn't the story of a band, but of an entire village in the South Sudanese capital Juba where everyone participates in the music process.

Gyptian - Sex, Love & Reggae (VP Records)

Both the cover and the title of this new Gyptian album leave little to the imagination and on this fourth studio album his transformation from reggae singer to the male counterpart of Rihanna finally seems to come to completion.

Kabaka Pyramid - Rebel Music EP + Lead The Way EP (Bebble Rock Music)

High time to introduce you all to Keron Salmon aka Kabaka Pyramid ("kabaka" is a Ugandan king title).

Eek-A-Mouse - Reggae Anthology: Eek-ology (17 North Parade/VP Records)

Eek-A-Mouse also got the VP Records anthology treatment.

Las Hermanas Caronni - Vuela (Les Grands Fleuves)

Las Hermanas Caronni are Argentine musician twins Gianna and Laura Caronni.

Serengeti - Rebellious Hearts (SwingKids)

With Serengeti Zany Lou and True wanted to make a double statement: Sweden counted too few dancehall/reggae acts and women were strongly under-represented in the genre.

Siba - Avante (Mais Um Discos)

The Mais Um Discos label remains a good gauge for anyone wanting to keep informed about the latest trends in Brazilian music. - UPgrade (Bangatone Records)

With 2008's 'Reprezent' in mind we were somewhat apprehensive when we started playing 'UPgrade' for the first time, but this new Gipsy.

Gisto - This Is It (Historical Records)

Canadian Gisto (born Brent Hongisto) loves taking risks.

Gentleman's Dub Club - FOURtyFOUR (Ranking Records)

Gentleman's Dub Club is not a side project of Tilman Otto, but a band from Leeds in the north of England releasing their first full-fledged long player with 'FOURtyFOUR', referring to the address (44 Headingley Lane, Leeds) where the band was founded.

Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar - Gipsy Manifesto (Piranha)

Shantel might have turned his back on Balkan music; fortunately there are still established names like Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar we can rely on.

Lala Njava - Malagasy Blues Song (Riverboat Records/World Music Network)

With the release of her solo debut 'Malagasy Blues Song', Lala Njava also offers us one of the world music gems of 2013.

Muerdo - Tocando Tierra (Kasba Music)

Listening to 'Tocando Tierra', the second long player by Madrilenian singer-songwriter and poet Muerdo (the alter ego of Pascual Kantero) the solo work of Amparo Sanchez immediately sprang to mind.

Keble Cables - Mellow Moods Of Music (KDM Productions)

In a previous life Keble 'Cables' Drummond was the lead vocalist of Jamaican vocal trio The Cables.