Joe Higgs - Unity Is Power (Pressure Sounds)

In this day and age, Joe Higgs is mostly remembered for being the musical mentor of The Wailers.

Suga Roy - Meditation (Fire Ball Records/VPal)

For 'Meditation' Suga Roy temporarily parted ways with his companion Conrad Crystal (even though Crystal still offered his services for a few songs) and as Roy is the deejay of the duo, he collaborated with a series of other artists for this album.

Xamanek - Somos Mundos (Self-published)

Yours truly only got aquainted with Xamanek at the latest edition of the Sfinks Mixed festival, but this band from Liège has already been going at it since 1997.

Minyeshu - Black Ink (Coast To Coast)

For the successor of her 2008 'Dire Dawa' album, Minyeshu decided to change her tack, resulting in an album that sounds a lot more "electronic" and groovier.

Various Artists - Vocal Superstars At King Jammy's + Various Artists - Rootsman Vibrations At King Jammy's (Greensleeves)

Fans of King Jammy's productions can rejoice as the Greensleeves label releases another two boxes each containing four albums from Lloyd James' catalog.

Killo Killo Banda - Berba (Exit Label)

Killo Killo Banda is the brainchild of Serbian musical centipede Vajoslav 'Killo Killo' Malesev and 'Berba' ("harvest") is the band's second long player.

High Hopes Band - High Hopes EP (Straight Forward Records/Self-published)

Boston based US East Coast band High Hopes Band releases a first 4 track EP drawing inspiration from vintage nineteen seventies Jamaican roots.

Through The Roots - Take You There (Self-published)

The US seems to be teaming with reggae bands these days.

Alborosie - Sound The System (Greensleeves)

Alborosie returns with 'Sound The System', a tribute to sound system-culture ('Who Run Di Dance' is an ode to sound system-greats like King Jammy's, Jah Tubby's World System, Kilamanjaro and Caveman).

JeConte & The Mali Allstars - Mali Blues (SoulNow Records)

JeConte & The Mali Allstars is yet another example of a collaboration between an American blues musician and a number of West African counterparts.

10 Ft. Ganja Plant - Skycatcher (Roir)

Because of their vintage Jamaican inspired sound, 10 Ft.

Fanfaraï - Tani (Tour N Sol)

With 'Tani' ("two" or "more" in Algerian) French band Fanfaraï wants there to be no mistake this is their second album.

Olli & The Bollywood Orchestra - Olli Goes To Bollywood (Label Caravan)

Olli & The Bollywood Orchestra is the story of Olivier Leroy, a Breton pianist from Rennes who fell in love with the music from faraway India.

Various Artists - Daora: Underground Sounds Of Urban Brazil (Mais Um Discos)

For 'Daora', São Paulo street slang for "super cool", Rodrigo Brandão collected thirty-two percussion-driven urban tracks ranging from reggae (Curumin's 'Vestido De Prata', Anelis Assumpção's 'Not Falling', the catchy 'Sorriso Forte After Luta' by Soraia Drummond) over hip-hop (Sapiéncia's 'Homem Sem Face', Rincón Sapiéncia's 'Elegancia') and electro (the insane 'Meteorango Kid' by PSILOSAMPLES, the estranging 'Noon And I'm Still Asleep (Live)' by Ushers & Elefantes) to afrobeat and Ethio-jazz ('Sou De Salvador', Brazilian afrobeat by Rodrigo Campos or 'Mulato' by Iconili, the beautiful 'Balboa Da Silva' by Bixiga 70, 'Malunguinho' by Abayomy Afrobeat Orquestra).

Matthew McAnuff - Be Careful (Chapter Two Records/Wagram)

Rarely felt as double as with Matthew McAnuff's 'Be Careful'.

Scratchylus - Reset The Mindset (Self-published)

Scratchylus Rhyme was born Sene Jameh in the London Harlesden district, but moved to Jamaica a few years ago.

Che Sudaka - 1111 Lives (Cavernicola Records)

We're no too sure wheter 1111 is the exact number of concerts Che Sudaka played leading up to the recording of this live album, but if it proves one thing it's that when on stage Che Sudaka still guarantee a solid party.

Jaya The Cat - The New International Sound Of Hedonism (Bomber Music)

This new album by Dutch-American band Jaya The Cat has a bit of a gaudy title.

Sista Sherin & UPfront Family - Guiding Star (UPfront Music & Network/Art’Ital Project)

Sista Sherin's Facebook page biography reads: "Sista Sherin definitely sounds like.

La Zikabilo - Todos A La Mesa (Self-published)

The cover of this third album of French band La Zikabilo, unwittingly reminded yours truly of Balkan Beat Box's 'Give' album and musically both bands also show similarities.