Azam Ali - De La Nuit Au Lever Du Jour (Self-published)

Azam Ali, a Canadian of Iranian origin dedicated 'De La Nuit Au Lever Du Jour' to her son Iman who was born in 2008.

Lucas Santtana - Sem Nostalgia (Mais Um Discos)

One of the many names on 'Oi! A Nova Musica Brasileira!', the excellent compilation on the Brazilian Mais Um Discos label was that of Lucas Santtana.

Lubo & Kaba Horo - Contrabanda (Cross Current Music)

The fact Balkan music is also getting a foothold on the other side of the ocean is proven by Montreal based Lubo Alexandrov.

Remi Kabaka - Black Goddess: Original Soundtrack (Soundway Records)

This time the Soundway Records label did not opt for a compilation album, but decided to rerelease the soundtrack to 'Black Goddess' (aka 'A Deusa Negra'), a Nigerian-Brazilian cult movie from the 1970s.

Hollie Cook - Hollie Cook (Mr Bongo)

Hollie Cook is the daughter of Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook.

Fatoumata Diawara - Fatou (World Circuit)

By an almost incredible coincidence and despite her young age Fatoumata Diawara already had the chance to dabble in the world of dance (in her father's traditional dance group), film (a world in which she was introduced by her aunt) and of course music (Jean-Louis Courcoult, director of the renowned French theatre company Royal de Luxe, heard her singing backstage one day).

Alpha Blondy - Vision (Wagram/AlphAlliance)

Three years after the excellent 'Jah Victory' Alpha Blondy returns with 'Vision'.

Western Jazz Band - Songs Of Happiness, Poison & Ululation: Dar es Salaam Dancing Club 1973 - 1975 (Sterns Music)

For those who can enjoy a bit of obscure musical history, the Sterns label is offering up yet another beautiful compilation with 'Songs Of Happiness, Poison & Ululation: Dar es Salaam Dancing Club 1973 - 1975' by Tanzanian Western Jazz Band.

Massiel Yanira - Una Voz (Self-published)

'Una Voz' is the album debut of Massiel Yanira, a classically trained singer with Latin American roots from Montreal whose work can best be described as prime Hispanic singer-songwriter music.

Zion Train - Dub Revolutionaries: The Very Best Of (Nascente/Universal Egg)

If there is one band that perfectly illustrates the ductility of the colors red, yellow and green, it's Zion Train.

Kalio Gayo - Parti Y Prije (Self-published)

Although yours truly had never heard of Kalio Gayo (another Shakin' Weld discovery), the discography of this band from Utrecht in The Netherlands shows they've already been going at it for some time.

Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal - Universal Tribute To Gregory Isaacs (Fire Ball Records)

Gregory Isaacs has no less than two tribute albums in the making with Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal being the first to release their 'Universal Tribute To Gregory Isaacs', an album for which the duo revitalized eighteen of Gregory's classics.

Tom Fire - Brainwash EP (Chapter Two Records/Wagram)

Nicolas Maslowski and Romain Germa, the backbone of the defunct Makasound label, didn't let things get to them and just a few months after the bankruptcy, they are at it again with the brand new Chapter Two Records and we can already introduce their first release, being Tom Fire's debut EP 'Brainwash'.

Andreia Dacal - Paradoxos EP (Fresh Poulp Records)

With the opening ceremony of Europalia Brazil rapidly approaching, it's no more than natural that we pay some attention to the musical diversity of that country and just by chance Niterói based Andreia Dacal's 'Paradoxos EP' just landed in our mailbox.

Alborosie - 2 Times Revolution (Greensleeves)

According to Alborosie we need a double revolution: "We need a good revolution, so the World shall listen.

Tabizla - The Coming (Self-published)

Yours truly had honestly never heard of Tabizla; which is a bit odd as it turns out this twelve-piece band from the Antwerp municipality of Puurs has already been going at it since 2008.

Ziggi Recado - Ziggi Recado (Greensleeves)

Ziggi is no more, long live Ziggi Recado! And to make sure we all remember that, Recado has chosen to name his new album that way as well.

Yacine & The Oriental Groove - Parabòlic (Kasba Music)

Belahcene Yacine is the regular oud-player for Cheb Balowski and Nour.

Ibrahima Sarr & Danaya Percussion - Ceremonial Drumming In Modern Bamako (Kanaga System Krush)

After the albums by Lobi Traore, Dutch company Xango Music Distribution is now also distributing some older work released by the Kanaga System Krush label.

Various Artists - Swing Diskoteka (Eastblok Music)

Is the whole Balkans craze already on its return or is it just time for something new? In any case, with 'Swing Diskoteka' the Eastblok Music label focuses on a new subgenre that is a mixture of Balkan music, klezmer and swing jazz from the nineteen twenties to forties.