Modou Touré - Touki (ARC Music)

Stating that Modou Touré was born for music, wouldn't be too far from the truth, as the Senegalese singer-songwriter is the son of Ousmane Touré, known from Touré Kunda, one of Senegal's most famous musical exports.

Meridian Brothers - Cumbia Siglo XXI (Les Disques Bongo Joe)

In the late nineteen seventies and early nineteen eighties, Colombian Cumbia Siglo XX was one of the innovators in the cumbia genre, starting to incorporate influences from disco and rock in their music. With 'Cumbia Siglo XXI', Eblis Alvarez aka Meridian Brothers now takes the innovation of the genre into the twenty-first century.

Suckarie - When The Trumpet Sounds (SMS Muzic)

Maybe the name Suckarie doesn't immediately ring a bell, but if we mention that this is Stephen Suckarie, vocalist and guitarist with Jamaican-American family project New Kingston, most of you will probably know who we're talking about. With 'When The Trumpet Sounds' Suckarie now also explores a solo career, resulting in a broad-ranging collection of songs with love in all its facets as a common thread.

Mungo's Hi Fi & Marina P - Soul Radio (Scotch Bonnet Records)

We were first introduced to the vocal capabilities of Paris-based Marina P thanks to her collaboration with French producer KSD for his 2018 'Bite The Dust' EP. Her biggest hit, however, remains 'Divorce À L'italienne', her first collaboration with the Scots of Mungo's Hi Fi dating back to 2007. That first collaboration quickly grew into a fruitful working relationship, both on stage and in the studio, which has lasted for over ten years, and is now celebrated with the release of this 'Soul Radio' album.

Arky Starch - Dub Faith EP (Self-published)

The name Arky Starch may not immediately ring a bell, but behind that pseudonym definitely hides a veteran of the Belgian reggae scene.

Gaudi - 100 Years Of Theremin, The Dub Chapter (Dubmission Records)

It may have escaped most of you in this annus horribilis, but in 2020 the Theremin celebrated its centenary anniversary. Theremin enthusiast Gaudi (born Daniele Gaudi in Bologna, Italy) didn't want to let that anniversary pass unnoticed, and from his London Metatron Studio he joined forces with top producers like Mad Professor, Adrian Sherwood, Scientist, Dennis Bovell and Prince Fatty. The result is '100 Years Of Theremin (The Dub Chapter)'.

Ras Muhamad - Satryo (Oneness Records)

For more than three years Ras Muhamad, the Indonesian standard-bearer of reggae, worked on this successor to 2014's 'Salam', and on the album he deals with the stereotyping of Asians, explains what it means to be an Asian Muslim, and looks back on his own experiences as a reggae musician of Asian descent in the years following the release of 'Salam'.

Juggla - Energy EP (Kingston Express)

This 'Energy' EP is the solo debut of Birmingham based Michael 'Juggla' Madden, best known for his work with German Noiseshaper and as MC for Birmingham based Overproof Sound System.

Lollypop Lorry - Lollypop Lorry Goes Dub (Self-published)

For 'Lollypop Lorry Goes Dub', the successor to 2018's 'Ural Station', the Russians of Lollypop Lorry started experimenting with jazz and dub.

Stand High Patrol - Our Own Way (Stand High Records)

We'd apparently lost sight of Breton trio Stand High Patrol, as after the release of their 2015 'A Matter Of Scale' album, the hip-hop flavored 'The Shift' followed in 2017, and 2018 saw the release of 'Summer On Mars', a collaboration with Italian vocalist Marina P, influenced by the Bristol triphop scene. We reconnect with Pupajim, Rootystep and Mac Gyver with on 'Our Own Way'.

Black Umfolosi - Washabalal'umhlaba (ARC Music)

A bit surprisingly, 'Washabalal'umhlaba' is our first introduction to the work of Black Umfolosi, especially when you know this Zimbabwean music icon has a career spanning almost three decades and can safely be considered the Zimbabwean counterpart of South African music legend Africa Black Mambazo.

The Skints - Live At Electric Brixton (Mr Bongo/Easy Star Records)

What does a band, that has literally built its reputation concert by concert thanks to an almost incessant touring schedule, do when suddenly being confronted with the limitations of a COVID-19 pandemic? For the London based Skints, the answer was clear: just release a rock-solid live album!

Chezidek - Hello Africa (Tad's Record)

COVID-19 pandemic or not, if there's one reggae artist who hasn't despaired this year, it has to be Chezidek, as with 'Hello Africa' he's already presenting his second long-time player in less than six months.

Luciano - The Answer (Oneness Records)

If we don't count 2015's 'Dub Showcase At Ariwa' EP, the last time Luciano presented his fans with a new long player was with 2014's 'Zion Awake'. For 'The Answer', The Messenger teamed up with German Oneness Records.

Rebelution - Dub Collection (Easy Star Records)

The Californians of Rebelution already released a dub version of their 2012 'Peace Of Mind' album and on albums like 'Courage To Grow' and 'Bright Side Of Life' a single dub could also be found, but, as the title suggests, with 'Dub Collection' they have been a bit more ambitious.

Pedro Lima - Maguidala (Les Disques Bongo Joe)

Following the excellent compilation album 'Léve Léve', highlighting music from the small African island state of Sao Tome and Principe, Les Disques Bongo Joe now presents this re-release of 'Maguidala', a rare 1985 LP by Pedro Lima, who passed away in 2019.

The Higher Notes - Double Salute (Roots Unity Music/Jan Kooper Productions) + The RAW Rhythm Section - Officially RAW: The RAW Rhythm Section In Dub, Volume One (Self-published)

In the last months Ben King's Amsterdam Earth Works Studio was still located at its original location at the Nijverheidslaan 28 in Weesp, the studio was clearly running to capacity with Roots Unity producer Uta Maruanaya working overtime. After his collaboration with Jamaican vocalist Nga Han, he also took on the challenge of producing the debut album of The Higher Notes and a dub release by The RAW Rhythm Section.

Om Je Oren - Voel Het Maar EP (Self-published)

Reggae acts opting for the Dutch language are still a rare occurrence, if only because a comparison with the godfathers of Dutch reggae and -ska, Doe Maar, is almost inevitable. Om Je Oren, a three-piece Amsterdam crew, now rises to the challenge, and with 'Voel Het Maar' ("Just feel it!") presents a first 6 track EP.

La Sra. Tomasa - Houly Housy Sessions EP (Guspira Records)

After the release of their new 'Alegre Pero Peligroso' album, Spanish band La Sra. Tomasa had planned a whole promotion tour, but like so many other bands, they saw those plans torpedoed by the overpowering COVID-19 pandemic. In order not to resign themselves completely, they decided to give four tracks from the album a revamp.

Yuliesky Gonzalez - Cubanero (One World Records)

If Latin jazz is your thing, Yuliesky Gonzalez 'Cubanero' will definitely be up your street!