Kings And Comrades - On My Way (Roots Musician Records)

At first glance Kings And Comrades may sound like yet another Rebelution clone, but musically the band sounds a lot less poppy and more rootsy than the aforementioned icons of Californian surf-reggae.

Mighty Casey - Return Of The Rudebwoy EP (DubShot Records/Rebel Sound Records)

Boston-based Mighty Casey is active as a rapper, author and journalist, and gained fame as the man behind 'White Girls', a 2003 cult classic in the hip-hop genre, which became a worldwide hit when it ended up on the soundtrack of 'White Chicks', a 2004 comedy starring Marlon and Shawn Wayans.

Emilio Santiago - Emilio Santiago (Far Out Recordings)

The constant stream of Brazilian reissues on the Far Out Recordings label seems endless. This time the label turned its attention to the 1975 untitled debut of crooner and bossa nova balladeer Emilio Santiago.

I-mitri + Rainbow Coalition - Upright And Splendid (CounterAction Soundz)

'Upright And Splendid' seals the partnership between UK based Greek Jack of all trades I-mitri and the Dutch Rainbow Coalition.

Natural Black - Eyes Ah Look (Vizion Sounds/VPal)

We'd honestly lost sight of Guyanese reggae artist Natural Black, but with 'Eyes Ah Look', recorded for Walter 'Wally' Fraser's Vizion Sounds label in Guyana, Mortimer Softley proves he's still standing strong.

D.Y.C.R. - Dub, Stories and Poetry (Tad's Record)

Jamaican dub poets like Mutabaruka, Yasus Afari, Jean Binta Breeze or Oku Onuora no longer need any introduction. Slightly lesser known to the international public is D.Y.C.R. (real name Delroy Chandler).

The Manor - Walk With Jah (Dub-O-Phonic)

The Manor is the alter ego of Brad Turner, half of London duo Foshan Roots, with 'Walk with Jah' releasing his first solo effort.

Thrive - Be Love (Roots Musician Records)

The sleeve design of 'Be Love', already Thrive's fourth album to date, may suggest that this is an ambient meditation album, the Santa Cruz, California based band is in fact a reggae trio.

Various Artists - Into The Wise (Reggaewise)

This first compilation album on Reggaewise may be considered the musical calling card of the Greek label specializing in giving lesser known Greek reggae and dub producers a chance.

Fikir Amlak & King Alpha - Key To The Universe + Axum + Some Dread (Akashic Records)

'Key To The Universe', 'Axum' and 'Some Dread' form a musical triptych that was created thanks to the collaboration between American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound engineer Fikir Amlak, English sound system King Alpha and the American Akashic Records label of Mike B.

Moune - The Legacy of The Sun EP (Dub-O-Phonic)

Moune (pronounced "moon") was born as Milan Guedec in the city of Périgueux, in the French Dordogne region.

Eliades Ochoa & Alejandro Almenares - Dos Gigantes De La Musica Cubana (Tumi Music)

'Dos Gigantes De La Musica Cubana' is one of those albums with a title already telling most of the story. For this album, Tumi Music brought together Cuban guitar legend Eliades Ochoa and tres veteran Alejandro Almenares.

Mulatu Astatke - Afro-Latin Soul Vols. 1 & 2 (Strut Records)

After Strut Records reissued 'Mulatu Of Ethiopia', Mulatu Astatke's 1967 masterpiece, last year, the label continues on its chosen path with 'Afro-Latin Soul Vols. 1 & 2', at the time also recorded for Gil Snapper's Worthy Records label, but a year earlier than 'Mulatu Of Ethiopia'.

Ackboo - Pharaoh (Tanta Records)

'Invincible', the predecessor of 'Pharaoh' still appeared on the French Khanti Records label, but for this album Ackboo decided to take matters completely in his own hands and financed the whole project running a successful crowdfunding campaign eventually earning him no less than 12000 euros.

Don Kipper - Seven Sisters (Riverboat Records/World Music Network)

'Seven Sisters' is the long player debut of Don Kipper, a seven-piece band from north-east London. The title of the album refers to the multicultural neighborhood where most of the band members are located.

Dean Fraser - Love Has Found Its Way EP (Tad's Record)

The autumn of last year already saw the release of 'Melodies Of D.E.B.', Dean Fraser's tribute to Dennis Brown, and now Jamaica's hardest working saxophonist returns with this 6-track 'Love Has Found Its Way' EP.

Arturo Jorge y El Cuarteto Tradicion - Finca Santa Elena (Tumi Music)

If you're looking for an excellent album full of authentic Cuban son, guajira and trova, give Arturo Jorge y El Cuarteto Tradicion's 'Finca Santa Elena' a chance.

Th3rd Coast Roots - Not Afraid EP (Roots Musician Records)

The cover of 'Not Afraid' might suggest a disco or funk album from the nineteen seventies or eighties, but in reality it's the debut EP of Th3rd Coast Roots, a five-piece band from Houston, Texas.

Gregory Isaacs - Gregory Isaacs At African Museum (Tad's Record)

Since the demise of Jamaican crooner Gregory Isaacs in 2010, Tad's Records has regularly published compilations of his work. The origin of the tracks on these compilations isn't always clear and for 'Gregory Isaac's At African Museum' we definitely had to do some musical research.

Orlando Cachaito Lopez - Cachaito (World Circuit Records)

With the re-release of 'Cachaito', World Circuit Records continues on the path they had already chosen with luxury vinyl releases of, among others, Ruben Gonzalez' 'Introducing... Ruben Gonzalez', Ibrahim Ferrer's 'Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer', and, of course, 'Buena Vista Social Club'.