Protoje - A Matter Of Time (Baco Records/In.Digg.Nation Collective/Overstand Entertainment)

For the successor to his highly successful 2015 'Ancient Future' album, Protoje once again joined forces with producer Phillip 'Winta' James, but anyone expecting a similar album will be sadly disappointed.

Yiddish Glory - The Lost Songs of World War II (Six Degrees Records)

If you're looking for a solid piece of unique music history, check out 'The Lost Songs Of World War II'. This is a collection of Yiddish songs from the Russia of the Second World War, collected at the time by ethnomusicologists Moisei Beregovsky and Ruvim Lerner, connected to the Kiev Institute for Jewish Proletarian Culture.

Katchafire - Legacy (Zojak World Wide)

In 2013, New Zealand Maori reggae band Katchafire introduced itself to the rest of the world with 'Best So Far', a compilation of their best work to date. Since then the band has toured extensively, but recording-wise things remained quiet. A few personnel changes later it's now finally time for a new studio album though.

The PathHeights - Twin Flamezz EP (Echo Beach)

The PathHeights are Jamaican-German singer-songwriter and producer duo Akosua Aset and Aumuna.

Tribal Seeds - Roots Party (Baco Records)

Since their formation in 2005, San Diego based band Tribal Seeds, has steadily been building a name for themselves in the US, but Europe hasn't quite followed suit yet. French label Baco Records wants to change this with the release of 'Roots Party'.

Bunny Wailer - Dubd'sco Vol. 1 (Dub Store Records)

After Japanese label Dub Store Records in 2016 released 'Solomonic Singles 1 & 2', two singles anthologies of Bunny Wailer's Solomonic releases; they are now presenting a reissue of 'Dubd'sco Vol. 1'.

E.N. Young - Forest Wilderness + Inna Vision - Link Up (Roots Musician Records)

The past few months, American producer, singer-songwriter and musician E.N. Young's Imperial Sound Recording Studio has been buzzing with activity, as with 'Forest Wilderness' E.N. not only recorded a new album of his own, but he also immediately produced 'Link Up', the new long player by Hawaiian Inna Vision.

Coco Malabar - Tabla Rasa (A3 Production)

In the nineteen nineties, Brussels based Congolese singer-songwriter Coco Malabar was still a popular face in the Belgian world music scene, but the last few years he seemed to have disappeared. Until now, that is, because with 'Tabla Rasa' Coco is starting with a clean slate!

Les Tambours De Brazza - Kongo (Buda Musique)

Jean-Emile Biayenda has been leading the Congolese percussion orchestra Les Tambours De Brazza, known for the use of their large wooden ngoma drums, ever since its inception in 1991. It had already been five years since we last heard from the band, and for 'Kongo' not only some lineup changes were made, but the vocal parts in the music of Les Tambours came a lot more to the forefront as well.

Reggae Workers Of The World - R.W.W. II (Badasonic Records)

Reggae Workers Of The World or R.W.W. is a collaboration between Slackers keyboard player Vic Ruggiero, Aggrolites vocalist/guitarist Jesse Wagner and Badasonics multi-instrumentalist Nico Leonard.

Kabaka Pyramid - Kontraband (Bebble Rock Music/Ghetto Youths International)

Just as Chronixx's debut album 'Chronology' took quite some time to manifest, Kabaka Pyramid's fans also had to be patient before this 'Kontraband' finally saw the light of day.

Toure Kunda - Lambi Golo (Soulbeats Records)

After a hiatus of ten years, legendary Senegalese duo Toure Kunda makes its comeback with 'Lambi Golo'.

Tetrack - Let's Get Started + Augustus Pablo - Eastman Dub (Greensleeves)

'Let's Get Started' was Tetrack's Augustus Pablo produced long-player debut.

Samba Toure - Wande (Glitterbeat Records)

When Malian singer and master guitarist Samba Toure started working on 'Wande', he had a clear vision of where he wanted to end up with this album, but once the recording sessions were over, little remained of those initial plans.

Alborosie meets The Wailers United - Unbreakable (Greensleeves)

For 'Unbreakable', with which the Shengen Don puts his twenty-five-year reggae career in the spotlight, Alborosie joined forces with The Wailers.

Fatoumata Diawara - Fenfo (Montuno/Wagram)

Since 'Fatou', her solo debut from 2011, Fatoumata Diawara has been working on just about anything but a new solo album.

Omar Perry - New Dawn (Khanti Records/Pias)

It had already been since the 'Be Cool' EP, his 2015 collaboration with Sly & Robbie, that we'd heard something from Omar Perry. 'Be Cool' was only released digitally, and Omar's 20111 'The Journey' album had also failed to cause much of a stir. That's probably why in France, where Perry still enjoys great popularity, as far as this 'New Dawn' is concerned, there's even talk of a comeback album.

Brain Holidays - System Error + System Error Remix Side (Dallas Records)

Brain Holidays is a nine-piece formation founded in Zagreb in 2000, with 'System Error', released in 2017, already presenting its third long player.

Med Dred - Dred Reggae EP (Dub-O-Phonic)

This six-track 'Dred Reggae' EP is a re-release of the 2013 debut EP by Cypriot (dub-) producer Med Dred, a name that also featured on 'XXVIII', Haji Mike's new album.

Skaparapid - Revolta (Maldito Records)

Skaparapid is a Spanish ska-punk formation founded in 1993 at the Kasal Popular, the headquarters of the Valencian squatters' movement Movimiento Okupa , who, with their anti-militaristic and anti-fascist repertoire and the combination of the male and female voices of Josep, Dani and Carmen, mainly enjoyed popularity in Spain and Latin America.