Various Artists - Reggae Style (Wagram)

The fact you can record a reggae version of just about every song in every genre is should be common knowledge by now, and for 'Reggae Style' the Wagram label collected no less than 64 reggae versions of well-known hits from soul, pop and rock history.

Kanazoé Orkestra - Tolonso (Buda Musique)

With 'Tolonso', Kanazoé Orkestra, the band around Burkinabe balafon master Seydou Diabaté, presents a successor to 'Miriya', their very much appreciated debut from 2016.

Coladera - La Dôtu Lado (Agogo Records)

With 'La Dôtu Lado' duo Coladera, consisting of singer and guitarist Vitor Santana from Belo Horizonte in Brazil and Portuguese vocalist/guitarist Joao Pires, once again prove how hip and yet little explored Cape Verdean music is.

Pixvae - Cali (Buda Musique)

Yours truly got to know Colombian-French combo Pixvae, composed of members of French math rock formation Kouma and Colombian Bambazu, specialized in traditional music from the Pacific region of Colombia, in 2016 thanks to their self-titled debut which featured Colombian currulao rhythms clashing with jazzcore.

Joggo - Love Ova War EP (Joggo Music Productions)

It had already been since 2015 that we'd last heard from Jurgen Orville Seedorf aka Joggo, but with this 'Love Ova War' EP, the Dutchman proves he hasn't lost any of his feathers yet.

The Dubbstyle - Sun Is Dub EP (Dub-O-Phonic)

Even in Latin America dub is being produced nowadays, as proven by Argentinean brothers Mauro and Federico Salina who are presenting their second release as The Dubbstyle with this 'Sun Is Dub' EP.

Various Artists - Tads Hi-Power Dub (Tad's Record)

Compared to the influx of European productions, the situation in Jamaica remains pretty quiet where dub releases are concerned. With this 'Tads Hi-Power Dub', the Tad's Record label is now trying to change that.

Desmond Dekker And The Aces - Pretty Africa (Trojan Records)

The treasure trove of forgotten or never released reggae records seems to be almost endless and this time it's Trojan Records who came across a gem that had been gathering dust for decades. We're talking about 'Pretty Africa', an album Desmond Dekker and his Aces recorded back in 1973 for producers Bruce White and Tony Cousins, but that never saw the light of day.

Mahom - King Cat (Flower Coast Records/ODG)

Since 2014's 'The Skankin' Cat', the Japanese maneki neko (literally translated: "beckoning cat", and considered a protective or good luck charm modeled on the Japanese cat) has been a signboard for French dub duo Mahom. Joris and Toinou have become a regular fixture in the French dub scene and with this new album crown themselves 'King Cat'.

Oku Onuora - I've Seen (Fruits Records)

Last year, French record label Iroko Records already re-released a vinyl version of 'I A Tell... Dubwise & Otherwise', the iconic 1993 album by Jamaican dub poet Oko Onuora, and now the Swiss Fruits Records label proudly presents his first new album in about 10 years.

Berlin Boom Orchestra - Reggae Punks (Springstoff)

Berlin Boom Orchestra is a nine-piece German reggae band around singer and MC Filou, lyrically mainly sticking to the language of Goethe.

Eumir Deodato - Os Catedráticos 73 (Far Out Recordings)

With 'Os Catedráticos 73', Far Out Recordings continues along the path they'd already taken with the reissue of 'Ataque', continuing to focus on the work of Os Catedráticos, Brazilian composer, arranger, producer and keyboard player Eumir Deodato's side project.

Blick Bassy - 1958 (No Format/Tôt Ou Tard)

In 2016 Cameroonian singer-songwriter Blick Bassy released 'Le Moabi Cinéma', his first, largely autobiographical, novel in which he looked for ways to regain control over his fate, how to escape from Western cultural imperialism, which is particularly noticeable in Africa, and how to pick up the thread of his own history. The answers to these pressing questions can now be found on '1958', a concept album in which he pays homage to the heroes of the Cameroon independence movement and Ruben Um Nyobè in particular.

Nai-Jah - Masquerades (Khanti Records)

Yours truly got to know French-Nigerian Mahakwe Wadike aka Nai-Jah last year thanks to 'The Great Elephant', his excellent collaboration with English producer Alpha Steppa. But Nai-Jah also seems to be the pseudonym for the band supporting Wadike.

Mato - Classical Dub (ODG)

After having previously experimented with reggae interpretations of French chanson, hip-hop classics or soundtracks of famous Hollywood films, for 'Classical Dub', French producer Thomas Blanchot aka Mato created a series of dub interpretations of compositions from the canon of classical music.

MoodCollector - Weird Creatures EP (Self-published)

Campine band MoodCollector is preparing itself and us for a sultry summer with the release of this new 4 track EP.

Jahcoustix - Reunion (Oneness Records)

Dominik Haas, better known as Jahcoustix, didn't decide to name his newest album 'Reunion' for no reason, as for this album he once again joined forces with Oneness Records producer and current Dub Inc bass player Moritz Von Korff and sound wizard Umberto Echo, with whom he recorded his debut album 'Souljahstice' in 2003 and 'Grounded' in 2006.

Cocoa Tea - Music Is Our Business (VP Records)

For 'Music Is Our Business' VP Records compiled twenty tracks Cocoa Tea recorded over the years for producer Bobby 'Digital' Dixon's Digital B label.

Rootz Radicals - Sampler One (Self-published)

Waiting for their debut album to be released sometime in the spring of next year, Rootz Radicals are already presenting this 'Sampler One', a downloadable compilation free of charge featuring 13 of their already released singles.

Tenor Youthman meets King Toppa - G.O.D.S. (Self-published)

Yours truly already crossed paths with Russian MC/vocalist Tenor Youthman on releases by DJ Vadim, Dreadsquad and Alpha Steppa, but 'G.O.D.S.', a collaborative effort with German producer and riddim builder King Toppa, is the first time we're presented with a full-fledged album by his hand.