Dub Inc - Millions (Diversité)

With 'Millions', French band Dub Inc presents its seventh album, a successor to 2016's 'So What' and one of the most impressive releases in their more than twenty-year career!

Dawtas Of Aya - Perseverança E Resistência (Self-published)

Dawtas Of Aya is a Brazilian women's trio consisting of dub poet Carol Afreekana, singer Regiane Cordeiro and singjay Sistah Mari; three strong black women who saturate their songs with a powerful pan-African lyricism.

Habib Koite - Kharifa (Contre Jour)

Some twenty-five years after the release of his debut album 'Muso Ko' and five years after predecessor 'Soô', Malian bard Habib Koite returns with 'Kharifa'. Over the years Koite's sound has become much more refined, but the formula has hardly been tampered with.

Seagulls - Regg 'N Roll EP (Self-published)

A Prophet is seldom honored in his own country, and that certainly applies to Seagulls, a three-piece Ostend formation consisting of brothers Sil, Ward and Bavo Meeus, who with 'Regg 'N Roll' are already presenting their second EP.

Maxi Priest - It All Comes Back To Love (S-Curve Records)

Exactly five years after 'Easy To Love', reggae crooner Maxi Priest returns with 'It All Comes Back To Love', for which this time he handed the reins to his buddy and colleague Shaggy.

Mah Damba - Hakili Kélé (Buda Musique)

Mah Damba, niece of the famous Fanta Damba and daughter of djeli Baba Sissoko, is a griotte or djeli-moussa from an illustrious lineage of Malian griots, but withdrew from the music scene after the demise of her husband and musical mainstay, ngoni master Mamaye Kouyate.

The Souljazz Orchestra - Chaos Theories (Strut Records)

'Chaos Theories', the new album by Canadian band The Souljazz Orchestra, turns out to be the logical sequel to its 2017 predecessor 'Under Burning Skies', which was strongly influenced by music from the nineteen eighties.

Ana Mazzotti - Ninguem Vai Me Segurar + Ana Mazzotti (Far Out Recordings)

The latest release on the Far Out Recordings label is this time entirely dedicated to the oeuvre of the somewhat forgotten Brazilian singer-songwriter Ana Mazzotti.

Clinton Fearon - History Say (Baco Records)

With a musical career spanning more than 5 decades, Clinton Fearon has nothing left to prove. Still, the Jamaican veteran spent more time than usual on 'History Say'.

Afrosideral - El Olimpo De Los Orishas (Wonderwheel Recordings)

Afrosideral is the pseudonym of Dasari Kumar Mora, a Cuban who emigrated to Madrid, first made a name for himself in the hip-hop scene under the name Kumar Sublevao-Beat and already gained experience with bands like Havana Cultura, Afrikun and Electrorumbaiao, but with 'El Olimpo De Los Orishas' now takes a completely different musical route.

Tinariwen - Amadjar (Wedge/Pias)

The story behind 'Amadjar' (Tamasheq for "unknown visitor") started in October of 2018 at the Taragalte Festival for nomadic cultures in the Moroccan Sahara. After their set at the festival, the members of Tinariwen immediately drove on to Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania, an almost two week journey. Every evening the caravan halted somewhere and under the beautiful starry sky the various musicians started to work on the foundations of this long-player.

Various Artists - Alefa Madagascar: Salegy, Soukous & Soul From The Red Island 1974-1984 (Strut Records)

For 'Alefa Madagascar: Salegy, Soukous & Soul From The Red Island 1974-1984', Mauritian Percy Yip Tong and Réunionese deejay collective La Basse Tropicale delved into the archives of Malagasy labels like Jean-François de Comarmond's Discomad and Charles Maurin Poty's Kaiamba.

Jungle Weed - Flying Island (Universal Egg)

With 'Flying Island', the Universal Egg label is finally presenting an album release by another artist than Zion Train themselves again. Jungle Weed aka Dub Trotter, is the alter ego of Jules Deville, a dub producer and globetrotter from Toulouse in the south of France.

Prince Allah - Stand Firm EP (Sunvibes Music)

Sunvibes Music, the label that in 2017 presented 'Time Has Come', a new album by Sylford Walker, is now releasing 'Stand Firm', an excellent showcase EP by Prince Alla (spelled Allah here).

Stick Figure - World On Fire (Ruffwood Records)

Even though we've become quite familiar with the American reggae scene, this 'World On Fire', already Stick Figure's seventh album, is our first introduction to this singer-songwriter from Duxbury in Massachusetts, who has been operating from San Diego in California for a long time now, and is extremely popular in his own country.

Jah Cure - Royal Soldier (VP Records)

Just five years after he returned to VP Records with 'The Cure' and with his insults to sound system selectors and deejays and accompanying bragging about his lush lifestyle still fresh in our minds, Siccature Alcock aka Jah Cure still seams ignorant to the meaning of the term modesty.

Miriam Makeba - Pata Pata: Definitive Remastered Edition (Strut Records)

Some albums are so iconic that they need little introduction. Take 'Pata Pata' for example, the international breakthrough album of Mama Africa Miriam Makeba, originally released in 1966 on the American Reprise Records label, for which she was assisted by Harry Bellafonte, and which over the years has been re-released numerous times.

Bibi Ahmed - Adghah (Sounds Of Subterrania)

Nigerian Tuareg guitarist/vocalist Bibi Ahmed is mainly known as the front man of Group Inerane, but for 'Adghah', Gregor Samsa, founder of the German Sounds Of Subterrania label, managed to convince the man to record his first solo effort.

Oum - Daba (MDC/Lof Music)

Yours truly got to know Moroccan revelation Oum, born Oum el Ghaït Benessahraoui, in 2015 thanks to 'Zarabi', her second album. On successor 'Daba', the singer proves she has clearly matured and takes her mix of Arab and Berber influences with elements from soul and jazz to the next level.

Azmari - Ekera EP (Sdban Records/N.E.W.S.)

With their fellow townsmen of Azmari - Amharic for an Ethiopian singer or musician similar to a European bard or a West African griot - the Brussels based band Black Flower have gained a musical sibling!