Makan Badjé Tounkara - Daba (Buda Musique)

The ngoni playing of Malian griot Makan Badjé Tounkara (son of Baba Sissoko) may sound way more traditional than that of colleague and compatriot Bassekou Kouyate, that doesn't mean Makan hasn't played his part in the innovation of the ancient instrument as he plays a seven stringed version instead of the regular four string one.

Kingston All Stars - Dubwise (Roots & Wire Records)

After their acclaimed debut, 'Presenting Kingston All Stars', earlier this year, Kingston All Stars now presents 'Dubwize'.

The Bombay Royale - Run Kitty Run (Hope Street Recordings)

It's only thanks to this third album that we finally got the pleasure to get to know The Bombay Royale.

Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley - Stony Hill (Ghetto Youths International/Republic Records/Universal)

Excluding his collaboration with Nas and Skrillex, it had already been since the release of his 2005 instant-classic 'Welcome To Jamrock' since Damian Marley treated his fans to a new solo album.

Alpha Steppa - 3rd Kingdom (Steppas Records)

For '3rd Kingdom', the second long player on his Steppas Records label, Alpha Steppa didn't choose July 7th as a release date at random, as this year the label celebrates its seventh anniversary.

Ziggi Recado - The Commission EP (Nayamari Music)

In all honesty we have to admit we'd lost sight Ziggi Recado's career somewhat, but since last year's 'Ivan The Terrible' release, the Dutch-Antillean singjay seems to have evolved more and more towards a dancehall sound; a trend he also continues on this 'The Commission' EP (featuring a sleeve that could be a still from a film noir).

The Downbeat Detonators - It's Detonation Time With... EP (Peenie Wallie Records)

With 'It's Detonation Time With.

Various Artists - Abatwa: Why Did We Stop Growing Tall? (Glitterbeat Records)

For the fourth part of his Hidden Musics series, this time Ian Brennan travelled to Rwanda where he explored the music culture of the Abatwa or Batwa, one of a number of pygmy tribes living in the Great Lakes region (the term Pygmy has a somewhat pejorative connotation, but there isn't really a proper synonym, as is the case for example with Eskimos/Inuit) and nowadays all too often suffer a marginal existence.

Indubious - From Zero (Self-published/Righteous Sound Productions)

Indubious is a Portland, Oregon based band around brothers Evan 'Evton B' and Spencer 'Skipwicked' Burton, both born with the genetic disorder cystic fibrosis.

Kelissa - Spellbound EP (Anbessa Productions)

After a number of singles, Kelissa McDonald (sister of Keznamdi) now also finally presents a full-fledged EP.

Rocqawali - Sufi Spirit (Riverboat Records/World Music Network)

Like the band's name suggests, Rocqawali combines the best of Pakistani qawali and Western rock.

Chronixx - Chronology (Chronixx Music Group/Virgin EMI/Universal)

'Chronology', Chronixx' long player debut which can best be described as "the most anticipated reggae release of 2017", is finally here! But is Jamar McNaughton able to live up to expectations? Where yours truly is concerned, the answer is a resounding: "Of course!".

O.L.M. - Book Of Daniel EP (Dub-O-Phonic)

For this 'Book Of Daniel' EP, Italian producer Orlando La Montagna aka O.

Perfect Giddimani - Live My Life Again (Giddimani Records)

With title 'Live My Life Again', Greg Rose, among reggae lovers better known as Perfect Giddimani, already indicates he wants his life back, and with this release back is putting his musical career on indefinite hold! For 'Live My Life Again', Perfect joined forces with Sam Gilly of Austrian House Of Riddim.

Samory I - Black Gold (Rory Stone Love)

For his long player debut Samory I (real name Samory Tour Fraser), hailing from Kencot in Kingston, joined forces with Rory 'Stone Love' Gilligan, and where yours truly is concerned he couldn't have made a better choice! The result is 'Black Gold', a title referring to a track on the album in which Samory I is mesmerized by a black beauty at a dance, but which you may also consider a reference to the quality of the songs on this album.

The Congos - Heart Of The Congos: 40th Anniversary Edition (17 North Parade/VP Records)

'Two Sevens Clash' isn't the only roots classic celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, the same goes for Lee Perry's masterpiece 'Heart Of The Congos'.

Culture - Two Sevens Clash: 40th Anniversary Edition (17 North Parade/VP Records)

On July 7th of 2017, 'Two Sevens Clash', Culture's masterpiece, described by Rolling Stone Magazine as: "One of the 50 coolest records ever made.

Mykal Rose - Strategy Of Rome (IceDrop Records)

After 'Rasta State', his experiment with the digital riddims of King Jammy, Mykal/Michael Rose joined forces with Danish producer duo Adi 'Jahdil' Nadri en Søeren 'Pharfar' Schou of Ice Drop Records for 'Strategy Of Rome'.

Elza - End Of The World Remixes (Mais Um Discos)

A year after the release of Elza Soares' widely acclaimed 'The Woman At The End Of The World' album, Mais Um Discos deemed the time ripe also to release a remix version, for which the label called on a host of international DJs.

Various Artists - King Tubbys presents Sound Clash Dub Plate Style 1 & 2 (Dub Store Records)

With 'King Tubbys presents Sound Clash Dub Plate Style 1 & 2', Dub Store Records presents a reissue of an iconic sound clash album from 1988 and its dub counterpart, mixed by the grand master himself: King Tubby! In the track list of the first album, killer tunes like Johnny Osbourne's 'Line Up', Gregory Isaacs' 'The Ruler', Sugar Minnott's 'Play Me' or the excellent 'Kill Ole Pan' by King Everald (a reggae version of Dionne Warwick's 'Do You Know The Way To San Jose'), but also a few gems by somewhat forgotten artists like Trevor Levy ('Nah Run From Clash'), Michael Bitas ('Die Yu Die') or Conroy Smith ('Original Sound'), each time skillfully introduced by Fuzzy Jones.